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Sean Ward Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Coronation Street Actor Now?

Sean Ward, who earned $120k a year, claims speaking out cost him his comfortable life, made netizens curious, and caused him to constantly browse the Internet for his details and Wikipedia.

UK-based Sean Ward is a British actor, television personality, social media influencer, director, producer, and model.

Sean Ward is well-known in the industry for his amazing performances in movies and television series.

He has appeared in various movies and television projects such as Doctors, Our Girl, Island At War, and many others.

His performance on Coronation Street, where he portrayed Callum Logan, is the endeavor that made him famous.

Due to his recent controversy, Sean Ward has been a hot topic, and netizens are actively searching online for his Wikipedia page to grasp the rumor.

A Preview Of Sean Ward Wikipedia And His Life Before Fame

Sean Ward was born in Manchester, England, on Monday, May 16, 1988, and is currently 35 years old.

Although he is a well-known actor and model, Wikipedia has still not dedicated a page to Sean Ward.

Sean Ward Twitter photo.
Sean Ward was born on Monday, May 16, 1988, making him currently 35 years old. (Source: Twitter)

According to some sources, Sean is the youngest child of his mother, Deborah Ward, who is an entrepreneur, while his father’s identity remains a mystery.

Additionally, he has an older sister named Rachel Ward. Since a small child, Sean has been interested in performing.

In addition, he began focusing on his acting profession, and to gain more acting experience, he enrolled in the Manchester Youth Theatre Company.

His acting career started in 2003 when he went on an audition for the movie Cheeky at the age of twelve.

Moreover, Sean became a full-time actor in 2007 and has appeared in The BillThe RoyalAccused, and many other projects till now.

Sean was nominated for a 2015 British Soap Awards Best Newcomer and Villain of the Year.

ward in suit
Ever since he was a child, Sean had a passion for acting. (Source: Instagram)

Sean Ward may be single at the moment, as he has not disclosed his dating status.

However, actor Georgia May Foote and he had a long-term relationship that has now come to an end.

Since March 2020, Sean actively shared anti-vax opinions on social media and participated in protests.

Furthermore, the Daily Mail claims that he was previously arrested in September at an anti-vax rally in London.

For this reason, many people are curious about Sean Ward and search for his information on the Internet and Wikipedia.

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Coronation Street Star Net Worth: Has He Really Become Jobless?

Sean is an actor and model who earned a lot of money for his hard work and determination.

The Coronation Street star Sean Ward made a substantial profit from his acting career.

Moreover, Sean’s net worth is estimated to be USD 1.5 million as of 2023.

Sean in green and white jacket.
His speaking out has cost him his comfortable life. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, he is currently jobless and unable to pay for his car or house because of his vocal protests and outspokenness.

In January 2022, he made headlines when he disclosed on social media that he was homeless and jobless as a result of his support for the COVID conspiracy.

Sean says speaking out cost him a comfortable life; now, he sleeps on a friend’s floor on a mattress.

In addition, he also has been living in his friend’s flat as he has no source of income as of now.

Sean Ward adds that his income dropped from $120,000 to $12,000 annually.

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