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See You On Venus Wikipedia: Review, Plot, Cast, And Summary

Rom-coms have always been a hit among movie enthusiasts, and See You On Venus is just the right watch for many as they look for its official Wikipedia page.

See You On Venus was released by streaming platform Netflix on November 17, 2023.

The story is an adaptation of a young adult fiction of the same name which Victoria Vinuesa wrote.

Further, the movie conveys the characters’ emotions, heartbreak, and personal loss on screen.

Meanwhile, the adaptation takes viewers on a journey with two American teenagers to Spain.

The search for the Wikipedia of See You On Venus has increased as many enjoyed the cast’s performance.

See You On Venus Wikipedia: Plot Details And Summary

Viewers want a detailed plot summary of See You On Venus through Wikipedia.

The YA romance begins with Kyle encountering a significant setback after a car accident.

During the incident, his friend Josh loses his ability to walk while Noah loses his life.

Mia from See You On Venus
Mia searches for her mother in the Spanish countryside. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Kyle takes up the guilt in his heart and isolates himself from the rest of the world.

Moreover, he tries to end his life by jumping off a cliff when 18-year-old Mia stops him.

The next day, Mia asks him to escort her to Spain with his parent’s approval.

Similarly, his parents agree, and the teens set out on a journey to a foreign country.

Meanwhile, Mia turns out to be the best friend of Noah and wants to help Kyle recover from his current state.

Now, the Wikipedia of See You On Venus reveals the true intention of Mia going to Spain.

She is on a quest to find her biological mother and has ten names listed that she plans to check out.

Kyle and Mia in See You On Venus
The pair develop a romantic relationship. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the story shows how Mia wandered from foster homes during childhood.

Additionally, the teen suffers from a heart defect and, sadly enough, doesn’t have a long time to live.

Despite such problems in the movie, Kyle and Mia develop a closer relationship on the road trip.

In the final moments of the summary, Mia finds her mother and goes through heart surgery, which she survives.

Meanwhile, Kyle recovered from the guilt he had kept to himself.

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Enchanting Rom-Com: Review And Cast Details

The Wikipedia of See You On Venus also includes reviews from viewers and casting details.

Further, the movie, directed by Joaquin Llamas, has received mixed reviews online.

See You On Venus delves into heavy topics, such as losing loved ones and the trauma.

Moreover, fans loved the character Mia as she portrayed a different kind of female lead.

She did not exist purely to support the main lead character and had her plans for the story.

Likewise, the chemistry between the actors shines bright on the screen as their connection deepens in the plot.

Mia and Kyle on See You On Venus
Mian undergoes major surgery in the film. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, See You On Venus is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed with the whole family.

Similarly, the story is an uncomplicated holiday classic that takes viewers to the Spanish countryside.

As for the performance in See You On Venus, here are some cast members:

  • Virginia Gardner- Mia 
  • Alex Aino- Kyle
  • Rob Estes- Conor
  • Eowyn Nyby Krieger- Becca
  • Veronica del Cerro- Lisa
  • Alex Astort-Fabra- Josh
  • Marjorie E. Glantz- Miss Rothswell
  • Isabel Serrano- Doctor Ortiz
  • Cristina Artacho- Mia’s Mother

Additionally, the movie was directed by Joaquin Llamas, and the writing credit goes to Victoria Vinuesa.

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