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Shane Gillis Sister: Who Are Kait And Sarah? Siblings, Family

The sister of Shane Gillis, the constant source of love and support for Shane Gillis and his career, has become a subject of curiosity among admirers who want to learn about her life.

Shane Gillis is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, radio personality, and podcaster.

Moreover, he is best known for co-hosting Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast with fellow comedian Matt McCucker.

In 2021, he released his first comedy special on YouTube titled Shane Gillis Live in Austin.

His inclusion as one of the new cast members for the 45th season of Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 2019 garnered widespread notice.

Besides his professional endeavours, Shane Gillis often gathers with his family to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

People have eagerly awaited insights into the life of the sister of Shane Gillis, Sarah, Kait, and other family members.

Kait Gillis: First Sister Of Shane Gillis

Shane Gillis grew up with his two sisters, Kait and Sarah Gillis. The three siblings attended the same high school and shared fond childhood memories.

The older sister Kait serves as the Executive Director at the Brethren Housing Association. It is a non-profit organization she joined in May 2020.

She provides strategic direction and oversight to its mission, vision, and programs and is responsible for its property management.

Shane Gillis and his friend sitting in a circle and another friend standing in side
Shane Gillis’s sister Kait Gillis is the co-owner of Nour Coffee (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications from Susquehanna University in 2003 and completed her MBA from Villanova University in 2011.

Married for over six years, she and her husband Mena Hanna, live in Mechanicsburg with their four young kids and two dogs.

She started her career as a media relations specialist at Merrill Lynch (2003-2005). Later she worked at Preferred Real Estate Investments as a Sales and Acquisitions Coordinator.

After completing her MBA, she joined the Department of Health as Deputy Press Secretary in 2012.

In December 2017, she left the job to join Mendoza Group as Vice President of Communications. She worked for the company until April 2020 and co-founded the Gillis Hanna Group, in May 2020.

Additionally, she has been the co-owner of Nour, a coffee shop promoting inclusivity and integration, since October 2022.

Unlike the comedian, his two sisters chose different career paths and are doing great in their rights. They are often seen together during family gatherings and winter holidays.

Sarah Gillis: Second Sister Of Shane Gillis 

People have shown curiosity about each sister of Shane Gillis, known to be very supportive. Similarly, people have also been curious about Shane Gillis’s younger sister Sarah Gillis.

Sarah serves as a Production Designer at Carnegie Mellon University, where she is responsible for designing the visual concept for the university.

Like her comedian brother, she attended Trinity High School and spent her childhood in Mechanicsburg. Sarah has also worked at Above All Grand Salon & Spa in Wexford, Pennsylvania.

Shane sister side profile specking
Shane Gillis shares a strong, affectionate connection with his two wonderful sisters (Source: Reddit)

Currently, Sarah resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter, often attending local events and festivals with her family.

Despite the distance and Shane’s demanding career, the siblings have remained close, playing an important role in each other’s lives by reminiscing about childhood memories and making time for family visits.

Sarah is frequently seen with her husband and child at festivals, family events, and social gatherings.

Kait and Sarah provide Shane with stability amidst the hectic pace of comedy touring. Despite his increasing fame, family always comes first for Shane Gillis.

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Shane Gillis’s Parents And Family Detail

Along with wanting to learn about the sister of Shane Gillis people have also been curious about other family members in his family. Like his parents.

Shane Gillis’s parents, Phil and Joan Gillis, were high school sweethearts who grew up loving each other in the same neighbourhood of Mechanicsburg.

Moreover, Shane comes from a tight-knit Catholic family. Further, Shane’s father, Phil, works as a Territory Manager at Crompton Sales, a manufacturer’s representing company established in 1970.

Shane holding a animal
Shane Gillis’s family are native Mechanicsburg people (Source: Instagram)

Last year in April, his dad made an appearance on From Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast to wish Happy Easter. This indicates a healthy relationship between father and son.

They raised Shane and his sisters in the same hometown where they grew up.

Additionally, Philip Gillis has been working in sales at Crompton Sales Company, representing manufacturers, for over 25 years.

On the other hand, Joan Gillis is a homemaker who enjoys travelling and spending time with her grandchildren. The Gillis family shares a deep connection with their hometown community in Mechanicsburg.

Now, Philip and Joan Gillis are enjoying retirement and taking pride in their son’s success as a stand-up comic.

With his parents’ unwavering support and his grandparents’ enthusiasm, Shane Gillis remains grounded in family, faith, and his Pennsylvania hometown even as he takes the comedy world by storm.

Similarly, his relatives play a major role in giving him balance as he navigates an unconventional career path under the spotlight.

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