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What Happened To Shaun Weiss Hair? Real Or A Wig

Celebrating the recovery from heroin and meth addiction, followers are keen to know whether Shaun Weiss hair is real or a wig?

Born on August 27, 1979, Shaun Weiss is an American actor and stand-up comedian.

Being of Jewish descent, he grew up in Montvale, New Jersey, and attended Pascack Hills High School.

Shaun gained popularity as a child actor with his role in The Mighty Ducks films as Greg Goldberg.

Further, he has appeared in Heavyweights, Freaks and Geeks, Drillbit Taylor, and many commercials.

He has worked his way to the acting world with the movie Jesus Revolution.

Fans can see a huge transformation in Shaun Weiss appearance but are curious whether his hair is real or a wig.

What Happened To Shaun Weiss Hair? Real Or A Wig

Many have theorized that Shaun Weiss hair is not real after looking at his recovery pictures.

However, there’s no evidence to back up this claim. Past photos and mugshot of Shaun shows a shocking change in his appearance.

In addition, Shaun’s face was sunken as he had a huge weight loss.

Shaun Weiss during a mugshot after being arrested for drug use and stealing
Shaun looks quite different during his addiction phase. (Source: Twitter)

Shaun Weiss hair was infested by insects during addiction, which he cut and maintained after coming out of jail.

Similarly, the actor has been on the road to recovery, as he even got a new set of teeth after his own was ruined by meth use.

Further, in a recent interview with Addiction Talks, Shaun talked about his addiction,

I’m really hoping my story can be useful, so it’s not just a sad thing that happened.

Shaun claimed that he went from seeing hard drugs for the first time to a full-blown drug addict over six months.

This spiraled him into life of drug abuse, crimes like stealing, and homelessness.

Moreover, he used drugs to mask the pain brought on by his breakup and his father’s death.

Along with losing possession of his phone, he distanced himself from people in his life.

Shaun admitted that each time he got high, he promised himself it was the last time.

But this wasn’t the case as he spent three years in this cycle, even writing goodbye notes to his loved ones.

Further, Shaun now credits the judge who ordered him into a recovery program.

Shaun has come a long way from his addiction and has started a new chapter in his life.

Shaun Weiss’s Inspiring Recovery Journey

Fans have claimed Shaun Weiss looks unrecognizable after getting clean from addiction.

The actor looks healthier and happier through his social media updates.

Further, Shaun praises the cast of The Mighty Ducks and Heavyweights for support throughout his recovery.

Shaun Weiss posing with his picture made by Mi Funko Pop in Ducks uniform
The picture looks exactly like a healthier Shaun. (Source: Instagram)

Even his close friend, Drew Gallager, shared the image on his Instagram and described the transformation as a triumph.

Throughout his recovery journey, his fans supported him with encouraging words through social media.

Shaun is very open about his recovery and supports others with the same problem.

Despite his past, Shaun now jokes about his addiction and stealing in his stand-up sets, which his fans seem to love.

Before his arrest, Shaun hadn’t appeared in a film for twelve years.

However, his first-ever US comedy tour, Mighty Weiss, began in June.

Moreover, Shaun’s looking to jump-start a program that helps people turn their trauma into comedic material, just like he’s doing.

Shaun is now sober and celebrates three years and eight months clean.

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