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Shura Khan Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Wife Of Arbaaz Khan?

Arbaz Khan’s love life hasn’t always been good, but this time, he has found his soulmate. He is now married to Shura Khan, a celebrity makeup artist. Netizens are curious about her, so let’s explore Shura Khan Wikipedia.

Shura Khan may not be as popular as any of the Khan brothers, but she is a big name behind the scenes in Bollywood.

She works as a celebrity hair and makeup artist, and many heroines wait for her to make time for them.

Although she currently lives in India, she was born and raised in the UK and is of British nationality.

She likes to keep her personal life private and shies away from the limelight.

However, she is currently in the center spot for her wedding with Bollywood big shot Arbaz Khan.

Many people are now curious about Shura Khan and scouring online for her Wikipedia page to get in-depth details.

Makeup Artist Shura Khan Wikipedia: Finding Love On The Film Set

Initially, when news about Arbaz’s wedding with Shura Khan broke out, people assumed that she must be much younger than him.

It is because she looks very youthful for her age. Born in 1982, July 5th, Shura is currently 41 years old.

Shura Khan Wikipedia
Shura Khan is no less than her current husband, Arbaz. (Source: Twitter)

Another interesting thing about Shura is that not only is she of British nationality, but her roots go back to Pakistan.

Her parents went to the UK very young and gave birth to Shura there.

Now, talking about what brought Shura into Bollywood, we can see her passion for makeup and making a livelihood out of it.

Being raised in London, UK, Shura had the best resources to learn the art of makeup.

She did many internships that paved the way for her to become one of the best.

Shura knew Mumbai was a great place to try her hands, so she joined the Bollywood industry.

Not only has her decision led her to enhance her career, but it has also resulted in her finding her soulmate.

Shura Khan wedding
Shura Khan wedding was a beautiful and elegant ceremony with few close people. (Source: Twitter)

Shura Khan and Arbaz Khan first met each other on the set of the film Patna Shukla.

Patna Shukla is Arbaz Khan’s film, and it is about a woman’s fight to get her rights.

This amazing film features talented actors like Raveena Tandon, Satish Kaushik, Manav Vij, Jatin Goswami, and Anushka Kaushik.

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Shura Khan’s Star-Studded Wedding: A Close Bond With Raveena Tandon

Not only did Shura find her current husband while working for Patna Shukla, but she now shares a great connection with actress Raveena Tandon.

Shura Khan is often seen working for Raveena and her daughter Raha.

In fact, the bond between Shura and Raveena is so good that Raveena is one of the very few guests at her wedding with Arbaz.

Shura Khan Wiki
Shura Khan and Raveena seem like they have become best friends. (Source: Twitter)

Yes, the wedding had few guests, mostly family members and close friends.

Friends like Ridhima Pandit, Farah Khan, Ritesh and Genelia, and Raveena Tandon were the names on the guest list.

Many were wondering whether Malaika Arora was an attendee at the wedding.

It looks like she skipped on it, but reports suggest she still shares a great bond with her ex-husband, Arbaz.

Now that Shura has become a part of one of the biggest families in Hollywood, she may refrain from working as usual.

However, let’s hope Shura Khan will build her career and add many more achievements to her Wikipedia.

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