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Sid Wilson Tattoos: How Many Does He Have? Meaning And Design

The Transformer fanboy has amassed a massive following for his skills. However, people are curious to know about the tattoos that Sid Wilson has and the meaning behind them.

Sid Wilson is known as the drummer for the popular band Slipknot. He has been in association with the band since 1999.

Meanwhile, he is also a D.J., rapper, and pianist. He is a multi-faceted musician known mostly for metal and hip-hop-style music.

Sid is also known amongst fans for his bizarre masks, which he used to wear during Slipknot performances. This also led him to gain a separate fan base amongst Slipknot followers.

Currently, Sid is officially in a relationship with popular T.V. personality and singer Kelly Osbourne.

After long speculation amongst fans and media, their relationship was only official in January 2022. The couple also welcomed a child back in 2022.

However, what has caught the attention of the netizens is the tattoos that Sid Wilson has all over his body and their meaning.

Sid Wilson Tattoos: How Many Does He Have? Meaning And Design

Musicians are well known for their tattoos, and Sid Wilson is no exception.

One of the famous tattoos that Sid Wilson has is on the back of his hand, dedicated to the hit show of the 1980s, The Transformers.

Sid Wilson tattoos
Sid is a fan of the Transformers franchise. (Source: Instagram)

He even has a collection of boxed and unboxed Transformers toys in one separate room of his house.

Further, Sid has tattoos of Anarchism on his neck, which is generally quite controversial as it reflects very drastic political thinking.

Generally, people who believe in anarchy think the government is unnecessary and must end.

Most musicians, though, follow Anarchism and Sid Wilson, with his tattoos, seems to reflect the same.

Sid Wilson tattoo under his eyes
Sid Wilson has a danger sign tattoo right by his eyes. (Source: Instagram)

Right above the anarchism tattoo, Sid Wilson has a tattoo showing a downwards middle finger and words symbolizing D.G.A.F.S.

This, as per Sid Wilson himself on his social media, is referring to Don’t Give a Fuck Style.

Similarly, Sid has tattoos on each of his shoulders. The left side has a tattoo reading Jungle and a forest design.

This reflects his fame in Japan as a jungle artist musician under the pseudonym of D.J. Starscream.

On the left side of his shoulder, Sid Wilson has the tattoo of a lion with the words Fever. Further, he has multiple star signs tattooed on his elbow.

The meaning of these tattoos is unclear. However, people believe the star tattoos to reflect important events in life.

Further, Sid has a tattoo of a Danger Sign right beneath his eye. He also has a similar design to his profile picture on his Instagram page.

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Does His Tattoos Have Controversial Meaning?

One of the controversial and famous tattoos of Sid Wilson is the Most Kill, which he has on each of his fingers.

This tattoo is quite famous amongst Slipknot fans. The reason is that the guy who tattooed this famous phrase on Sid later committed suicide.

Sid Wilson with tattoos on his hand
Sid Wilson has many controversial tattoos. (Source: Slipknot Wiki Fandom)

Later, he swapped Most Kill with Most Ill and made the K part an Anarchy-type symbol.

This could be due to the potential backlash that Sid Wilson faced due to this tattoo.

Further, Sid mostly hides the hand that had inked the Kill part, even during photos. But it seems Sid will not stop any time soon to imprint more tattoos in his hand.

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