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Has Sid Wilson Undergone Weight Loss? Find Detailed Journey Here!

Kelly Osbourne has been in the limelight recently for her weight loss issue. However, people want to know about Sid Wilson and if he had any weight loss along with his partner.

Sidney George Wilson, aka Sid Wilson, is a renowned musician, rapper, and pianist from Des Moines, Iowa.

He began his career as a DJ in 1996, and people knew him by his 1980 Transformer TV Show-inspired name, DJ Starscream.

By 1999, he joined the now-famous band ‘Slipknot.’ With the band, he primarily played as a Drummer.

He also had a gimmick of wearing different masks during the band’s performances, bringing uproar to the stage.

However, the current buzz roaming around Sid Wilson is because of his ongoing relationship with Kelly Osbourne, who has given birth to his son.

The childbirth has grabbed fans’ attention towards the couple, making them notice all their changes, starting from whether Sid Wilson had any weight loss.

Has Sid Wilson Undergone Weight Loss? Find Detailed Journey Here

Due to Kelly Osbourne recently opening up about her weight-loss-related issues, fans are left speculating the same with Sid Wilson.

However, Sid Wilson has not undergone any drastic weight loss. As per Healthyceleb, Sid Wilson currently weighs 71 kg.

Going by his height of 5 foot 8 inches and having the weight of 71 kgs seems quite apt as well.

Sid Wilson seems to have weight loss and is posing for the photo
Sid is also known as #0, Ratboy, DJ Starscream, Gazboy, and more. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, it is Kelly who has struggled to deal with weight loss, making her journey publicized all over the internet.

However, Sid Wilson, unlike Kelly, has never really had an issue with weight loss since his early days.

Even now, as indicated earlier, Sid Wilson is quite healthy and does not see any requirement to follow a regimen for weight loss.

Likewise, in terms of body mass index, he falls under a healthy BMI.

Hence, there is not much requirement for Sid Wilson to be going through any weight loss primarily as he is both healthy and of sound mind.

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Sid Supports Kelly During The Weight Loss

Although many celebrity relationships don’t tend to last long, Sid and Kelly’s relationship does not follow the same path.

The two met back in 1999 during Sid Wilson’s ‘Slipknot’ initial days. From there on, the relationship unofficially began and even continues to date.

Despite meeting in 1999, their relationship was only public in January 2022. This goes to explain the bond that the two have with each other.

Further, with them having welcomed a child very recently, there does not seem to be any issue about their relationship.

However, the recent attraction covering the couple is because of Kelly’s drastic postpartum weight loss.

Sid Wilson and Kelly Osbourne
Sid and Kelly have known each other for 23 years. (Source: Instagram)

This has made fans assume Sid’s role along the journey and if he had the same diet plan as Kelly to show his support.

So, in Kelly’s weight loss journey, Sid has played a pivotal role. He has been devoted to the welfare of Kelly by providing constant support.

Sid encouraged Kelly via her words and actions, which helped the weight loss process seem less frightening.

Be it by taking part in healthier routines like making wholesome meals together or exercising, he actively participates.

In reverse, Kelly helped him recognize his accomplishments at every step along the way.

Although Kelly has addressed this issue rather publicly, Sid Wilson’s weight loss is not similarly public.

Further observing his social media posts and his general stature, it does not look like Sid Wilson needs to be worried about his weight any time soon.

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