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Is The Matricidal Sidney Powell Found Dead? Fate Of Mom Killer

The matricidal, Sidney Powell, is back in fame after the rumors of her being found dead started to come out, and now people are curious about the news and searching for the truth behind the rumor.

Sidney Powell is a college student with a sentence to prison for 15 years of life, three years after brutally stabbing her mother to date.

She is a former student of Mount Union University.

Further, she has been serving in the state prison for her mother’s murder in their residence.

Moreover, with her being in prison, a rumor about her being has started circulating, and people are concerned if the rumor of Sidney Powell is true.

Is Sidney Powell Found Dead? Fate Of Mom Killer

Following the rumor that Sidney Powell was found dead, this article will provide all the related information.

Sidney Powell was born to her parents, Steve Powell (father) and Brenda Powell (mother) in 2000.

However, there is no information about her exact date of birth, but she is currently 23 years old.

Sidney Powell wearing a red t-shir and a black jeans.
Sidney Powell killed her mother when she was 19 years old. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, her mother, Brenda, was a child life specialist at Akron Children’s Hospital for almost 30 years, whereas her father’s profession is unknown.

As for her education, Sidney was a bright student in her childhood and graduated from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in 2018.

After graduating, she went to Mount Union University to complete her degree.

However, sources have said that the university suspended Sidney because of her bad grades, making her life take an unfortunate turn.

Following the suspension, she became involved in a murder and is currently serving in prison.

Nevertheless, because of some legal issues, that is all the information we could gather about Sidney Powell and her family.

Meanwhile, after her imprisonment, the rumor that Sidney Powell is found dead has flooded the internet.

Sidney along with her mother wearing a blue t-shirt.
Sidney’s university suspended her because of bad grades. 

However, the rumor is false, as there is no valid source proving that Sidney Powell was found dead.

Moreover, the state police have not confirmed anything yet and are denying the rumor’s truthfulness.

However, we urge people not to spread such rumors, as this is a very tough time for the Powell family.

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Details On The Trial And Charges Sidney Faced

The jury convicted Sidney Powell on Wednesday for the 2020 murder of her mother.

The court found her guilty of murder, felonious assault, and tampering with evidence in connection with the death of Brenda Powell.

According to sources, Sidney struck Brenda in the head with an iron skillet, then stabbed her nearly 30 times in the neck.

During the trial, the prosecutor indicated that Sidney attacked because she didn’t want her mother to know about her suspension.

Meanwhile, Brenda was on the phone with Associate Dean of Student Michelle Gaffney and Dean of Student John Frasier at the time of the slaying.

Moreover, Associate Dean Michelle testified in court during the trial about what happened while they were on the phone.

Sidney Powell along with judge thumb in a prison dress.
Sidney received a 15-year prison sentence for murdering her mother. (Source: FoxNews)

He said, “The phone cut off at some point after, I would say, somewhere in the neighborhood of six or seven thudding.”

Adding, “those sort of thud sound and screaming had continued.”

Further, after the line cut off, Michelle and John called back, and another woman picked up the phone, claiming that she was Brenda.

Michelle testified, “It was not Brenda. I was sure it was Sidney.”

Following the incident, the two administrators called 911 and requested a welfare check on Powell’s household.

Upon reaching the house, the police discovered Brenda in a deeply injured state and promptly transported her to the hospital.

But eventually, she passed away during the treatment.

Further, Sidney chose not to speak during the hearing due to an ongoing appeal for the trial verdict. 

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