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Silas Duane Boston Wikipedia: Boat Skipper Caught By His Son

With a shocking story, the case of Silas Duane Boston is one of the most horrific in US history, and now people want the details of the killer through his Wikipedia.

Silas Duane Boston, a former tourist boat skipper, was charged with murdering a couple from Manchester.

Following the investigations, harrowing facts about the accused were revealed to the public.

Further, Silas had lived a life of secrecy and crime and held personal grudges against many.

Moreover, his family played a huge role in bringing out the heinous acts committed by the boat skipper.

Now, many look for details about Silas Duane Boston as they search for his Wikipedia page.

Silas Duane Boston Wikipedia: Story Of Boat Skipper Caught By His Son

Following his arrest, people were invested in the Wikipedia of Silas Duane Boston as police reports kept many details undercover.

Silas Duane Boston was born on March 20, 1941, in California to parents Russell and Mary.

Further, his father had a criminal history, having once escaped from jail by assaulting a guard.

Silas Duane Boston with his wife
Silas had a tendency to lose his temper. (Source: Reddit)

Moreover, Silas also had an older half-sister named Arthene O’Brien.

However, he had a rough childhood as his parents eventually separated when Silas was in his teens.

For his Wikipedia, the education details of Silas Duane Boston are not available after high school.

Meanwhile, he discovered his calling at the sea and began working as a sailor.

Married twice, Silas’s first wife, Mary Lou, went missing at the age of 23 in 1968.

Later, he allegedly confessed to shooting her and burying her body at an undisclosed location.

Similarly, Vince, along with his two siblings, had to grow up being told that their father was a killer.

Likewise, after the death of his first wife, Silas married a woman named Kathe.

Silas Duane Boston sons
Silas used to mistreat his children. (Source: Twitter)

However, their relationship was not stable as she reported him for child stealing in 1979 after he abducted their child.

Further, Silas moved with his sons, Vince and Russell, from Sacramento to Belize in an attempt to escape rape charges.

Criminal activities encased Silas’s entire life as he gave boat tours to tourists without a license.

During one such tour, the boat skipper met Christopher Farmer and Peta Frampton in the Caribbean Sea.

Later, authorities found their bodies, revealing a shocking crime committed by Silas.

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The Criminal Mastermind: Silas’s Arrest After 38 Year

The Wikipedia of Silas Duane Boston also includes the criminal act of the yachtsman.

Detectives in California were investigating Silas’s first wife’s demise when they stumbled across the couple’s murder by chance.

Further, his son came forward with the story behind what happened in 1978.

Silas Duane Boston older son
Silas’s oldest son appeared in a podcast episode. (Source: Facebook)

According to the reports, Silas took Christopher and Peta on a trip to Mexico.

However, Christopher witnessed the sailor mistreating his children and initiated a fight.

In the heat of the moment, Silas stabbed stabbed the couple before them in the sea.

Moreover, the yachtsman allegedly attached weights to them and covered their heads while they were still alive.

Meanwhile, the couple were fresh university graduates with a plan to travel the world.

Similarly, they often wrote letters to their families, giving them details of their journey.

However, their last letter reached their home after their bodies were found on the coast of Guatemala.

Silas old photo
Silas also confessed to the murder of his wife. (Source: Twitter)

After many years, the FBI tracked down Silas in his hometown, Paradise.

Likewise, Silas appeared in federal court in a wheelchair and entered a not-guilty plea.

Unfortunately, he died on April 24, 2017, at a hospital before authorities could try him for his crimes.

Reports also mentioned that the accused exercised the right to withdraw his medical treatment.

Silas’s crime could have never come to light without the reporting from his sons.

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