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Sim Kern Wikipedia: Is She A Jewish Author? Career And Husband

The Jewish author Sim Kern has actively raised her voice in support of Palestinians, so people are now curious to know more about her. Let’s dig into her life through this Sim Kern Wikipedia article.

Sim Kern is an author and environmental journalist writing about climate change, queer community, and social justice.

She graduated with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Oberlin College.

Sim’s love for writing and her boldness are clearly reflected in her book.

Moreover, her debut horror novella, Depart, Depart!, was selected for the Honor List for the 2020 Otherwise Award.

Likewise, Kern is the bestselling author of THE FREE PEOPLE’S VILLAGE in the United States.

She connects with her admirers through social media, where she mostly shares her knowledge and opinions.

However, her Sim Kern Wikipedia page is not officially available yet. But we’ve got you covered!

Sim Kern Wikipedia: A Peek Into Her Personal Life

The climate-fiction author Sim Kern remains vocal about the Israel-Palestine war, and most importantly, she stands clearly with the Palestinians and their rights.

So, her recent videos sharing her opinions on the ongoing war have created headlines.

Sim Kern in her book launch event
Sim Kern describes her novels as “queer, Jewish, anarchist climate fiction.” (Source: Instagram)

As soon as she appeared in the limelight, netizens were constantly searching for Sim Kern Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, Sim Kern does not have her official Wikipedia page yet.

The author remains private about her personal life. So not much information is available about her life.

Likewise, she has not disclosed her birth date so we don’t have details on her age.

Kern is a journalist and speculative fiction writer from Houston, Texas.

Moreover, she attended Oberlin College for a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing.

In 2007, after graduating from college, Kern moved to Houston, where she began teaching English to middle and high schoolers.

Sim Kern with her husband
The love between Sim Kern and her husband has everso growing for ten years now. (Source: Instagram)

Afterward, she started her family with her Korean-descent husband and became a mother.

Following the birth of her daughter, she began pursuing a career in writing full-time.

Further, Kern seems happy in her marriage life, living near Brays Bayou with her husband, two kids, and a very good dog.

She has tied knot for ten years, and her recent picture with her husband on her Instagram explains the bond between the duo.

While she has not disclosed every detail of her family and personal life, fans are a little disappointed.

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Is Sim A Jewish Author? Explore Her Career Journey

Sim Kern is a Gulf Coast author and environmental journalist writing about queer identity, climate change, and social justice.

Kern’s writing is fierce and fearless, portraying her perspective on different subject matters.

Despite being a Jewish author, Sim has been vocal about her support for Palestine. (Source: Twitter)

Since she has been vocal about her support for the Palestinian community, people are baffled about whether she is a Jewish author or not.

In fact, Sim Kern is a Jewish journalist who has brought a distinctive perspective to the forefront of discussions related to the ongoing conflict in the Palestinian cause.

Moreover, Kern understands the importance of her voice and uses it to support Palestinians who have been suffering for ages.

Sim begins her career as an author through her debut horror novella, Depart, Depart.

Furthermore, the novella was selected for the Honor List for the 2020 Otherwise Award.

Sim the Jewish author
Sim’s debut novella, DEPART, DEPART! was an honor list book for the Otherwise Award. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, The Free People’s Village, Depart Depart!, and Seeds from the Swarm are some of her most acknowledged works.

Kern describes her novels as “queer, Jewish, anarchist climate fiction.”

As she has been actively working to support queer, Jewish, and climatic issues, Kern has helped many communities through her work.

Not only through her books but also her fearless personality has inspired people to be vocal and stand against injustice.

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