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Fate Of Newborn Child! Smyrna And Capri Chapter 70 Spoilers, Leaks

Smyrna and Capri present the highly anticipated story of Omegaverse as the pair prepares to welcome their second child in chapter 70. Let’s explore the manhwa’s spoilers and leaks further in the article!

Released on Boomtoon, Smyrna and Capri follows the story of Theo Peserus and Seth Marita.

Further, Theo is an alpha of the mighty Peserus clan whereas Seth is a revolutionary army soldier of the Langeres clan.

The characters are sworn enemies as Seth is imprisoned in the castle of the Peserus clan.

With continuous effort, he manages to escape the chains but is held back due to the strong pheromones of his enemy.

Intoxicated by lust, the pair engage in intimate acts leading to a new aspect in their lives.

As their relationship bears fruit, fans are eager to read chapter 70 of Smyrna And Capri and look for spoilers.

Hatching Of The Egg: Smyrna And Capri 69 Recap

Before diving into the leaks for chapter 70 of Smyrna And Capri, let’s look back at the previous release.

The chapter begins with Theo and Seth sharing an intimate moment in the castle.

Further, Seth notices a peculiar pattern on his partner’s body and inquires about the symbol.

Smyrna and Capri lead holding their baby
Theo plans to raise his children despite his role as a soldier. (Source: Twitter)

However, Theo can’t see the symbol on his lower stomach as it appears to be a special symbol for the alpha.

Moreover, Seth is pleased to discover a secret pattern that only he can see on Theo’s body.

As the pair continue their intimate moment, Theo encourages his partner to explore his body.

Surprised by his activity, Seth tries to satisfy the soldier with his full potential.

Previously, Theo was worried as his egg hadn’t hatched despite passing its hatching period.

Smyrna and Capri family panel
The pair wanted their child to witness freedom. (Source: Twitter)

Now in chapter 69 of Smyrna And Capri, the couple hear a cracking noise in their room.

Soon they notice that their egg has a broken shell and they prepare to call Eddie, the royal doctor.

However, the egg breaks fully revealing an adorable child with glistening eyes and beautiful features.

As the chapter comes to an end with the shocking reveal, readers can’t wait for chapter 70 of Smyrna And Capri.

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Fate Of Newborn Child! Smyrna And Capri Chapter 70 Spoilers, Leaks

Chapter 70 of Smyrna And Capri has heightened the intensity as it presents new aspects of the story.

Further, the author revealed that the release would be the last addition to the story which saddened many fans.

As per the spoilers and leaks, Theo and Seth had twins in the second egg, which was an exciting addition.

Smyrna and Capri final episode
The final chapter features an emotional journey. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the last panel of the manhwa has been circulating online showcasing the royal family.

Fans believe that the children’s names are Tara Perseus, Cyan Perseus, and Ceza Marita.

Additionally, it seems that the newborn child had a wonderful life leading to a happy ending to the story.

With the captivating plot of Omegaverse, readers wanted more of Theo’s pregnancy journey with Seth helping him.

Now they hope that the author will release a side story that features the missed aspects of the main plot.

Similarly, readers want to witness the official wedding of Theo and Seth in the potential side stories.

Theo and Seth with their daughter
Readers expect the release of the side story soon. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, fans praised the art and character development of Smyrna And Capri, making it one of the trending BL manhwas.

The series received admiration from readers till the end leading to a wide circulation of spoilers and leaks.

Moreover, the official translations of the story are available on Boomtoon and Lezhin.

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