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Sonni Pacheco Wikipedia: All About Jeremy Renner’s Ex Wife

People’s curiosity about Sonni Pacheco has grown significantly due to her status as the ex-wife of famous American actor Jeremy Renner, leading to a vast internet surge in her personal life through Wikipedia.

Sonni Pacheco is a former actress, social media star, model, and entrepreneur.

Beginning as a hairstylist, Sonni later shifted to real estate and then a lingerie model. After that, she tried acting as well and has acted in various films.

Once an actress, Sonni now operates her sculpture art studio, where she primarily showcases her sculpting talents.

Lately, she is gaining wide recognition for her exceptional work in sculpting.

However, her identity as the ex-wife of the Hollywood blockbuster The Avengers’ famed actor, Jeremy Renner, is most prevalent.

Though they are no longer together, her marriage with Jeremy heightened the public profile of Sonni Pacheco, evidenced by the increased interest on her Wikipedia page.

Sonni Pacheco Wikipedia: Age And Nationality

The significant increase in probing Wikipedia for the details of Sonni Pacheco results from people’s curiosity about her past and present life.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated Wikipedia page for her, leading to limited available information.

Sonni was born on March 21, 1988, in Pitt Meadows, Canada, making her 35 years old in 2023.

As for nationality, she is Canadian by birth, but she probably holds American citizenship as well.

Sonni Pacheco fixing her hair while working
Sonni discovered sculpting in 2012. (Source: Instagram)

The Canadian native completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies from a reputable university.

Apart from that, no other details about her family are available despite extensive research, which suggests that Sonni values her privacy.

Despite a mystery surrounding her family background, Sonni Pacheco’s multifaceted career and talents continue to intrigue many, leading to a heightened interest in discovering more about her life journey.

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Career Of Sonni Shifted From Acting To Sculpting

Sonni Pacheco is a professional sculptor who crafts various styles of sculptures, primarily focusing on female nudes with animal heads.

Her artwork mainly consists of a fusion of human bodies with animal skulls, for which she draws inspiration from her childhood days spent in Pitt Meadows.

Similarly, Sonni grew up surrounded by nature and animals, and that experience is what she reflects in her sculpture.

Passionate about her craft, Sonni vividly details her creations on her website.

Sonni Pacheco sitting beside sculpture made by her
Sonni Pacheco previously worked for various low-budget local commercials in Canada. (Source: Instagram)

Before delving into sculpting, Sonni also embarked on acting and modeling. She began her journey as a lingerie model.

During her modeling career, she secured opportunities with renowned modeling agencies. She also graced the covers of various magazines.

Later, she landed in movies in 2009 and has two acting credits.

Her first-ever acting project was American Pie: Book of Love, where she appeared as the Splendid Wet Girl.

Later, she also appeared in the film Wingman, playing Sonni.

However, she has now shifted her focus primarily to sculpting and is now working as a full-time Sculptor.

Having been in multiple fields, Sonni Pacheco has amassed a net worth estimated between $3 million and $4 million.

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Sonni Pocheco Husband, Jeremy: Present And Past Relationship

Sonni Pacheco and Jeremy Renner married on January 13, 2014, in an intimate wedding ceremony.

Their relationship remained hidden from the media until Jeremy confirmed their marriage during an interview with Capitol File in September 2014.

Jeremy expressed concerns about potential paparazzi intrusion into their family during that time.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that their marriage in 2014 followed the birth of their daughter Ava Berlin on March 28, 2013.

However, their marriage couldn’t survive even a year despite sharing a child.

On December 30, 2014, Sonni filed for a divorce against her husband, Jeremy, citing irreconcilable differences.

Amid their divorce proceedings, Jeremy Renner levied accusations against Sonni, alleging inadequate parenting on her part.

Sonni Pocheco making sculpture
Sonni is the mother of two kids (Source: Instagram)

Conversely, Sonni expressed similar sentiments about Jeremy, making their divorce settlement messy.

However, their divorce was finalized in December 2015. After separating from her ex-husband, she seems to have found her soulmate.

Sonni Pacheco is reportedly in a committed relationship with Nathan Thompson, with indications pointing towards her expecting another child.

Sonni mentioned this news in 2023 through a social media post, sharing her excitement about expanding her family.

She gave birth to her second child, Wylder Rahyne, in February 2023.

Moreover, she shares her memories with her children on her Instagram account.

While Sonni Pacheco gained public recognition, not just as the former celebrity wife but also for her accomplishments, it’s interesting to note that there is no dedicated Wikipedia page for her.

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