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Is Steve Perry Gay? Rock Legend Mysterious Sexuality

Gay rumors about celebrities are quite normal, and this time, it is Steve Perry who is in the headlines. His mysterious personal life may be the reason for it. Let’s explore.

Stephen Ray Perry, or Steve Perry, is a famous singer and songwriter born in 1949 on January 22.

He is better known as the frontman and lead singer of the legendary band ‘Journey.’

He has unique abilities in using his voice in music, so Steve is also often regarded as The Voice.

Similarly, Steve was also on Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest Singers of All Time.’

Except for that, he was also on the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ as a member of the band Journey.

However, Steve Perry is currently in the headlines as people are raising questions about his sexuality and wondering if he is gay.

Steve Perry Faces Rumors Of Being Gay After Birthday Photo Circulates Online

The rumor of him being gay started as a picture of him with a man on his 75th birthday started circulating on the internet.

As we all know, Steve Perry has always been a very private person when it comes to his personal life.

Steve does not prefer sharing his personal and family details on the media.

After his prime in the mid-80s, he has become one of those mysterious celebrities.

Young Steve Perry's sketch.
Steve Perry’s unique and beautiful voice made the songs more profound and emotional. (Source: Twitter)

However, when a celebrity is mysterious, people like to assume things about them.

This is why the birthday picture of Steve Perry with a man, instantly led to people wondering if he is gay.

The man in the picture with Steve is none other than Neal Sedaka, who is also a very famous singer.

Steve Perry with friend Neal Sedaka.
Steve Perry has many close friends from the music industry. (Source: Twitter)

Many Steve Perry fans did not recognize Neal, so they thought he was Steve’s partner.

However, the two singers are friends and like to hang out with each other because they share similar interests.

Moreover, we should not judge anyone’s sexuality by just seeing the person with someone else.

Similarly, saying Steve Perry is gay by just looking at his picture with another man is not ethical.

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Steve Perry’s Past Relationship: Does He Have Any Girlfriend?

This is not the first time Steve Perry has been in the headlines for the gay rumors.

However, his Romanitic history has always been contradictory to the rumors.

As far as the public knows, he is not married, but he has been in several famous relationships before.

Steve has written a song, ‘Oh Sherrie,’ dedicated to his then-lover Sherrie Swafford.

The relationship with Sherrie did not work out, and Steve went on to date a psychologist, Kellie Nash.

Steve Perry outside picture.
Steve Perry looks completely different now as he is getting old. (Source: Twitter)

Kellie was suffering from breast cancer, and consequently, cancer took her life away in the year 2012.

Steve Perry was a good partner to Kellie and was there for her till the end of her life.

After his relationship with Kellie, he has not revealed any other relationship publicly.

However, the history of Steve Perry being in such long and serious relationships with women suggests that the gay rumors are fake.

Steve Perry himself has never made any statements to put the gay rumors to rest.

He probably does not believe in indulging in these things or giving these rumors any attention.

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