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Who Is Steven Piet? Joey King Husband Wikipedia And Age Details

The snowy New Year getaway of Steven Piet and his wife, Joey King, has recently stirred interest, prompting many to seek information about them on Wikipedia.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Steven Piet is a well-known American director, writer, and producer.

Steven has made significant contributions to various TV shows and movies, including The Act (2019), Uncle John (2015), and Channel Zero (2016).

Furthermore, Steven Piet has showcased his versatility by working as an editor, producer, and cinematographer in the entertainment industry.

Gaining media attention, Steven Piet and Joey King’s relationship went public during their work on The Act.

Aside from his association with Joey King, Steven Piet is known for notable works such as A Friend of the Family, Briarpatch, and Nightflyers.

Let’s explore the noteworthy journey of Steven Piet as a renowned producer and director, a narrative deserving attention on his Wikipedia page.

Who Is Steven Piet: Joey King Husband Wikipedia And Age Details

Despite his substantial contributions to the entertainment industry, Steven Piet still lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, this article will furnish all the details about Steven Piet, typically found on a Wikipedia page.

Steven Piet was born on May 22, 1991, making him 32 years old as of 2024.

His parents, Anthony Piet Jr. and Sharon Piet played integral roles in shaping his journey.

Steven has a brother named Michael Piet, and some resources suggest he also has a sister named Sara J. Piet.

Granny, lying on the sofa, affectionately plays with young Steven's hair.
Steven Piet shares a close bond with his grandmother. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, Steven Piet experienced a creative upbringing with his father as a musician and his mother as an artist.

Steven Piet proudly identifies with his Caucasian ethnicity, and his beliefs align with the Christian faith.

After primary education, Steven Piet pursued higher studies, enrolling at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2002.

He pursued a bachelor’s degree in film, cinema, and video studies there.

Throughout his career, Steven Piet directed various TV shows, such as Channel Zero, Briarpatch, and The Act.

In nature, Steven is pictured with his dog.
As of now, Steven Piet does not have a Wikipedia page. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Steven showcased his writing prowess by co-authoring the compelling narrative of the 2015 indie movie Uncle John.

Adding to his repertoire, Steven Piet took on the role of a consulting producer for the TV series Nightflyers in 2018.

Additionally, in 2022, he directed a TV Mini-Series titled A Friend of the Family.

Throughout his successful career, Steven Piet’s estimated net worth is around $16 million, as of 2024.

This wealth is a testament to his career as a director, producer, and writer in the film industry.

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Love Story Of Steven Piet And Joey King

In Hollywood, where relationships fade quickly, Steven Piet and Joey King’s love story shines with enduring affection.

In autumn 2018, Steven, an executive producer, and Joey, the lead actress, met while working on The Act.

Their journey begins on the set of The Act; Steven and Joey King’s journey proves that love blossoms unexpectedly.

Moreover, their professional connection turned personal, and by September 2019, they made their first red carpet debut as a couple.

In their wedding attire, Steven and Joey hold hands, sharing smiles of joy.
Their initial encounter occurred on the set of the series The Act. (Source: Instagram)

They both made their relationship official on Instagram in November 2019, sharing their love with the world.

In 2020, Steven Piet and Joey King’s bond deepened when facing the global pandemic together.

Furthermore, on March 1, 2022, the plot turns romantic as the couple announces their engagement.

The climax of their love story unfolded with a dreamy wedding in Mallorca, Spain, on September 2, 2023. Their story reminds us that love can bloom unexpectedly.

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