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Sue Aikens Wikipedia, Age: Where Is Life Below Zero Cast Now?

Internet users are now showing curiosity about the whereabouts of the famous American television personality, leading to extensive searches for the Wikipedia page of Sue Aikens.

Sue Aikens is a resilient survivor, hunter, television personality, film producer, and entrepreneur.

She has become widely known for her role in the famous TV show Life Below Zero.

Moreover, she has conquered the most challenging weather conditions and wild animal attacks over the years.

Likewise, with her adventurous spirit, Sue Aikens has garnered a massive global fan base, especially among the youth.

As curiosity about her whereabouts and well-being grows, fans are eager to learn more about her personality and current status.

Additionally, people have been searching for the Wikipedia of Sue Aikens. Enthusiasts hope to uncover details about Sue Aikens’ background.

Sue Aikens Wikipedia: Age And Background Detail

Sue Aikens is an extraordinary woman, famous for her survival techniques, courage, and determination.

Recently, people have been searching for the Wikipedia page of Sue Aikens. However, they have expressed disappointment at not finding any information.

Meanwhile, here is every detail that one can get through the Wikipedia of Sue Aikens.

Sue Aikens was born on July 1, 1963, at Holy Family Hospital in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Likewise, she will be 60 years old as of 2023.

Black and white picture of Sue hair half tied
Sue learned to use guns and bullets at a tender age. (Source: Instagram)

Further, known by her real name, Susan Aikens, she hails from a European-descended family line tracing back to Scotland.

However, she is considered an only child, as she has not disclosed information about having siblings.

Unfortunately, her parents separated when she was a child in the late 1960s or early 1970s, leaving her to fend for herself.

Moreover, when she was 12 years old, her mother left her alone in Alaska, a revelation shared during an interview on The Ellen Show.

She said her mother could not cope with the cold and eventually left Alaska.

Unfortunately, specific details about her parents’ names remain unavailable.

Also, beyond her upbringing, there is a noticeable curiosity surrounding Sue Aikens’ marital status and current whereabouts.

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How Many Husbands Has Sue Aikens Married? Current Life

Despite Sue Aikens being a well-known TV star, she has kept much of her personal life private. 

Meanwhile, Sue has had three marriages. Unfortunately, none of which stood the test of time.

Two of her former husbands succumbed to illness, and one chose to leave her for a younger woman.

In a subsequent chapter of her life, she married a British man named Eddie James Aikens on June 13, 1987. Additionally, they welcomed a son and a daughter.

family photo all smiling
Sue Aikens’ children are grown and have families, making her a proud grandmother. (Source: Instagram)

However, after 17 years together, they underwent a divorce in 2004.

Later, in 2009, Eddie passed away, prompting her attendance at his funeral and the expression of kind words for her late ex-husband.

Meanwhile, details regarding her third marriage remain unclear, hinting that it was likely brief.

Presently, Sue is in a relationship with Michael Heinrich, a journeyman electrician from New York.

Since July 2018, they have maintained their connection and are engaged. 

Nevertheless, Sue continues to depict the lives of subsistence hunters in remote Alaska.

She resides in the Kavik River camp, located 197 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

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Sue Aikens’s Career And Net Worth

Millions of viewers love Sue Aikens, who has enjoyed a successful television career spanning over a decade.

Moreover, hosting reality shows has been her forte.

Sue Aikens has had a thrilling and dynamic career on TV, endearing herself to a dedicated fan base.

Additionally, she has made captivating appearances in adventurous TV programs such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Flying Wild Alaska, and Fox and Friends.

Sue Aikens carrying fish and smiling
It’s Life Below Zero that has truly defined her television presence. (Source: Instagram)

However, her journey to fame began when she was approached to host Life Below Zero on National Geographic Channel.

Since then, Sue has gained widespread recognition for her role in the series.

Over seven years, she has been a central figure in the show, which has spanned 20 seasons to date.

Notably, the program has received acclaim, earning 16 Emmy nominations and securing eight awards.

Also, despite facing numerous challenges in the Alaskan wilderness, Sue’s resilience and determination have not deterred her from continuing her appearances on the show.

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