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Sung Kang Parents: Meet Korean Mother And Black Stepfather

Actor Sung Kang does not appear in the media much, he also likes to keep his personal life very private along with the details of his family and parents but we have got some details. Let’s explore.

Sung Kang is a famous American actor born in the year 1972 on April 8.

He is mostly known for playing the role of Han Leu in the hit Hollywood franchise Fast and Furious.

He is of South Korean descent with both his biological parents being South Korean but he was born in Clarkston Georgia.

His career in acting is very impressive, as his role in the movie Better Luck Tomorrow received many praises from the audience and the critics.

Sung Kang currently does not work in Hollywood as much as he did before but there are still people who admire him to this day for his previous works.

The mysterious nature of Sung Kang has raised curiosity about his personal life including his parents and family.

Sung Kang Parents: Ties to South Korea And A Childhood In America

Many people initially assumed the parents of Sung Kang may be of Japanese descent.

It is because he has features that resemble the Japanese people more than South Korean.

Sung Kang in red carpet
Sung Kang rarely appears on any red carpet which is why his few appearances make a huge buzz. (Source: Twitter)

Many of his fans were surprised to know that both of his parents were from South Korea.

They had already married and moved to America before they gave birth to Sung Kang.

This is the reason why Sung Kang has American Citizenship.

He may have gone to South Korea several times but all his life he has been raised in America.

Meanwhile, like any other normal family, Sung Kang’s family also has had their fair share of problems.

The biological parents of Sung Kang did not get along very well as time passed by.

They decided to part ways which created a divide in the family.

Sung Kang Parents
Sung Kang has a lovely family and seems extremely close to them. (Source: Twitter)

In the meantime, Sung Kang lived with his mother after the divorce of his parents.

Also, since both of his parents were still very young, they decided to start another family of their own.

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Family Ties: Sung Kang’s Heartwarming Journey With His Black American Stepfather And Half-Sibling

Sung Kang was still a very young boy when his mother married another man.

His stepfather is a Black American with African heritage.

While at the beginning it may have been strange for Sung Kang to get comfortable with his new family, currently he is extremely close with them.

His stepfather is a big part of his life and it is visible through their pictures together.

Sung Kang wife and kids
Sung Kang now lives with his wife and kids, he seems very happy with them. (Source: Twitter)

After the marriage, his mother and his stepfather had another child together.

Sung Kang’s half-sibling, his sister, is just some years younger than him. They grew up more like friends than like siblings.

She resembles both her mother and her father and looks beautiful.

Sung Kang was a big part of the wedding of his half-sibling.

It appears that even though they are half-siblings their bond is as strong as a real brother and sister.

He now has his own family with a wife and two children.

His wife is also very close to his mother and stepfather along with his sister.

Sung Kang and his wife like to make sure that their children are close to their families from each side.

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