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Susan Andrews Wikipedia: Who Is Tucker Carlson Wife?

People have been curious about Susan Andrews, a woman who has always been by the side of Tucker Carlson, and they have been searching for her Wikipedia page.

Susan Andrews is an American well-known personality. She is a Board Member of St. George School based in Rhode Island.

Moreover, Susan is most commonly known as the spouse of popular political commentator Tucker Carlson.

Similarly, Tucker Carlson is mainly known for his conservative political views.

While Susan Andrews may not receive as much attention as her husband, she has supported him significantly throughout their marriage.

Additionally, her dedication to family and quiet strength have inspired many, sparking curiosity about her life.

As a result, the searches for the Wikipedia page dedicated to Susan Andrews have significantly increased.

Susan Andrews Wikipedia: Wife Of Famous Journalist

Susan Andrews is an intriguing figure and has captured the curiosity of many as Tucker Carlson’s wife.

Although married to a prominent man, she has managed to maintain a private life to date.

People have relied on the Wikipedia to learn about Susan Andrews’ life. Unfortunately, no Wikipedia page is dedicated to Susan Andrews.

Susan Andrews and tucker walking Susan ahead of Tucker
Susan Andrews lived in a strict religious environment. (Source: PEOPLE)

Susan Andrews Carlson, currently 54, was born on September 4, 1969, in Rhode Island, United States. Her father’s name was Reverend George E. Andrews II.

However, her mother remains a mystery. As a member of the white Caucasian ethnicity, Susan holds American citizenship.

Since there is no Wikipedia page and Susan Andrews maintains a private persona, people don’t know much about her early life.

Nevertheless, Susan’s upbringing instilled strong values and a deep faith.

Further, regarding her education, Susan attended the prestigious St. George School. It is a boarding school known for its rigorous academic standards.

Although details about her higher education are scarce, she may have pursued further studies at a regional college.

Susan and Tucker smiling
Susan Andrews is an integral part of Tucker Carlson’s life. (Source: PEOPLE)

Similarly, there is limited information about her career path.

However, there are reports that before becoming a homemaker, she worked at an Episcopal school but quit her job to concentrate on her family.

As her husband has a hectic career, Susan stepped away from her career to dedicate her time to raising their kids.

Consequently, people have been eager to learn about marriage life and their relationship timeline.

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Tucker Carlson And Susan Andrews Relationship Timeline

The love story of Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson began during their time at St. George’s School in Rhode Island.

According to a People Magazine article in 2000, Tucker described Susan as “the cutest 10th grader in America.”

They instantly connected and started dating at a young age.

Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship when Tucker left for college, their love grew stronger.

Tucker had already started planning to marry Susan while still in college.

Before completing his education, he asked permission from his former headmaster to marry his daughter.

Susan and Tucker smiling in a truck driving in road
Susan and Tucker tied the knot in 1991. (Source: Twitter)

Upon receiving approval, he proposed to her, and she accepted.

He revealed that even though it was very 19th Century for him to ask her father to marry her, it was still good.

Having been together since high school, Susan Thomas Andrews and Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson walked down the aisle on August 10, 1991.

The ceremony took place in the Chapel of St. George School in Newport.

The couple had their honeymoon in Bermuda. Later, the couple happily settled in Washington, D.C.

Yes, Susan and Tucker’s marriage has lasted many years, but it is not only that about their relationship that people adore.

The couple has also welcomed four wonderful children, which adds to the fruitfulness of their marriage.

They are proud parents of a son named Buckley Carlson and three daughters, Dorothy Carlson, Lillie Carlson, and Hopie Carlson.

Hence, Tucker and Susan have provided a stable home for their kids and a fruitful three-decade-long marriage.

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