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Meet Tabitha Brown Other Daughter Tyleah Hampton After Choyce

Tabitha Brown’s elder daughter Choyce and younger one Queston are well known to all. However, people are also curious regarding the other daughter of Tabitha Brown. What is the secret?

Tabitha Bonita Brown is an American actress and a popular social media personality.

She is famous for her videos promoting veganism and motivational speaking.

With her style of video making, she has now garnered over 5.1 million followers on TikTok and 4.3 million followers on Instagram.

Tabitha initially chose fashion design as her career choice but quickly dropped out of the course.

Later, in 2002, she got a job in a local late-night show where she interviewed celebrities. From there, she also headed towards stand-up comedy.

Later, she also featured as an actress in some indie movies and direct-to-video films.

However, people are keen to know more about the other daughter of Tabitha Brown after her daughter Choyce.

Meet Tabitha Brown Other Daughter, Tyleah Hampton, After Choyce

Tabitha has a rather exciting aspect regarding her family life and, specifically, her love life.

Tabitha Brown married her high school love, Chance Brown, with whom she had initially broken up.

However, her mother insisted to her that Chance was the one.

Later, though, Tabitha realized she needed to let Chance know she still loved him. And then the relationship re-ignited.

Tabitha Brown taking a picture with Tyleah Hampton, Tabitha Brown other daughter
Tabitha Brown has her seasoning line called “Sunset Seasonings.” (Source: Instagram)

They have been married for over two decades and even have two beautiful kids together.

Their elder child, Choyce, is now 21, and the younger child, Queston, is 11.

However, Tabitha brown also considers Tyleah Hampton as one of her daughters and supports her vocally.

Tyleah Hampton is the daughter of Chance, whom he had with his high school girlfriend after he had broken up with Tabitha.

Despite this, Tabitha Brown never held any grudge against Chance or Tyleah and considered her bonus daughter.

This shows that the bond present between Tabitha Brown and her stepdaughter Tyleah is rather strong.

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How Is Tyleah Hampton Doing? Personal Details

Tyleah Hampton is active on social media and has featured her mom and dad in her YouTube videos.

In these videos, she talks explicitly about her insecurities regarding her looks, and her fans are very supportive.

In August 2020, Tyleah published a video with her dad about her insecurities and how she feels about them.

Tyleah Hampton taking a picture in front of a yellow wall
Tyleah Hampton competes in the 60-meter, 200-meter, and 4*400-meter relay events. (Source: Instagram)

Chance was openly supportive of her and was consoling her in this regard.

Tabitha Brown also shared this video on her Facebook to support her stepdaughter.

In the caption of her Facebook post, Tabitha stated that she is proud of her stepdaughter.

Tyleah also featured her mother in her previous video, where her mother, too, was very understanding.

Such open support towards their daughter from Tabitha Brown shows the strong bond present in the family.

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Tyleah Hampton’s Social Media Presence

Given her insecurity about herself, Tyleah seems to have embraced being a social media personality to feel calm.

She now has a following of over 61.4k on her Instagram and over 25.6k on her YouTube.

Further, Tyleah seems rather inspired by her stepmother Tabitha in this regard.

Tyleah Hampton taking a picture in an yellow track suit
Tyleah Hampton is registered to vote in Rockingham country and has been affiliated with the Democrat Party since August 16, 2016. (Source: Instagram)

She also has posted photos of her together with Tabitha, showing them spending mother-daughter time together.

Tyleah does talk about mental health on both platforms and how it is essential to focus on mental health.

In one of her Instagram posts, she also posted a picture of her with Tabitha Brown.

This picture shows the two present at the Emmy Awards together as Tabitha was nominated.

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