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Tailor Beats OF Sister Camilla Araujo Owned By Brother In Podcast

Recently, a Tailor Beats video circulated on Twitter where a brother roasts her sister, who is an OnlyFans Model. Users are giggling in their chair and they are now searching for the roasted sister. Let’s explore more!

The sister name is Camilla Araujo, who goes by the name @realcamilaara on Instagram and camilla.araujo on OnlyFans.

She is a Brazilian model who was born on May 1, 2002, making her 21 as of 2024.

Besides OF, she also goes on the street asking questions to random strangers.

In the recent Tailor Beats video, she chats with her brother, Christain, where he owns his older sister in a funny way.

Let’s explore deep into that matter.

What Happened In The Tailor Beats Sister Video?

The funny Tailor Beats video has a podcast setup where the older sister, Camilla, talks to her brother.

She starts with her questioning if he thinks she is a good older sister.

To which her brother responds with ‘no’. He goes on to say that being his sister, Camilla is mean to him.

Camilla responds that she is not mean to him all the time, and also, because of them being in different states, her brother thinks that.

Her brother responds by saying that she is just saying that because they are talking on a podcast.

Sister Camila usually does podcast in Tailor Beats with her Brother Chrisitan.
Sister Camila usually does podcasts in Tailor Beats with her Brother, Chrisitan. (Source: Tiktok)

The OF model, who genuinely seemed concerned about her brother’s studies, says she was mean because he failed his classes.

Her brother tries to explain how a grade of ‘D’ doesn’t mean failing, but an ‘F’ does.

But his sister is hooked on the fact that a ‘D’ equals failure.

The brother responds by saying it is ‘Failing’ for his sister because she was always an A+ student.

Camilla, who was proud of the above fact, was happy her brother acknowledged the fact that she had been a bright student.

Now starts the main funny part, where Christian starts roasting her sister.

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The Funniest Part In The Tailor Beats Video: Brother Christian Roasts Sister Camilla

No podcast is fun, with some moments that make us think.

Camilla has a good reality check when her brother Christian shoots her with a question.

Following the above conversation, her brother tells his sister to shut up and think about how she is doing her career in OnlyFans.

That is followed by Christian telling her that she cannot be talking about his grades as her grades did not matter in the long run.

Christian usually appears in videos with his sister Camilla.
Christian usually appears in videos with his sister Camilla. (Source: Tiktok)

He adds despite being a bright student back in her college days, Camilla chose to sell pictures on OnlyFans.

Christian goes on to add that all the studying and being bright went in vain.

After this, Camilla seems to ponder the fact and agrees with whatever Christian says.

Maybe she had a reality check and took the facts her brother was spitting with a grain of salt.

Recently, she faced a backlash where people blamed her for using her brother for her OnlyFans account promotion.

Netizens also bullied her brother over his sister OnlyFans account.

In the middle of all that, maybe the sister Camilla chose this Tailor Beats video as a way for redemption for Christian.

No matter what, netizens are enjoying and laughing their brains out on this video.

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