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Who Is Takuma Maeda Wife? Karolina Shiino Affair To Married Man

Miss Japan winner gives up her title after confessing to having an affair with married plastic surgeon Takuma Maeda, sparking curiosity among netizens to know about his wife. Let’s delve deeper into this matter.

Dr. Takuma Maeda, a renowned Japanese neurosurgeon, is affiliated with Ohkawara Neurosurgical Hospital.

He has recently been at the center of a scandal for his involvement with Karolina Shiino, the former Miss Japan in 2024.

The “muscle doctor,” as referred to on social media, admitted to not telling Shiino about his marriage and separation from his wife.

Consequently, Shiino was stripped of her title while Maeda faced severe public criticism.

This article will discuss the story of the wife of Takuma Maeda, and his affair with Shiino.

Who Is Takuma Maeda Wife? Karolina Shiino Affair With Married Man

Before the news of his affair, there were few records about the wife of Takuma Maeda, as he saved his marital status private even from his social media fans.

Reports suggest Maeda was married for at least some years earlier than conducting a court with Karolina Shiino.

Shiino initially denied knowing about the marriage of Takuma Maeda when a tabloid magazine exposed his popularity as a husband, but later admitted she did recognize his wife.

Likewise, Shiino released a public apology requesting forgiveness from Maeda’s family over the affair.

Karolina Shiino in japanese costumes
Karolina Shiino has about 104K followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

As the winner of Miss Japan 2024, her courting with the married Maeda prompted her pressured resignation only months into her reign as titleholder.

Moreover, Maeda’s wife has maintained anonymity but changed into deep harm over the affair in step with Shiino.

While Maeda has commented on numerous factors of the scandal, he has significantly declined to offer any info regarding his wife or their divorce.

This becomes triggered with the aid of the revelations of infidelity with Shiino.

Moreover, Shiino’s Miss Japan career is now over. However, Maeda continues his neurosurgery practice while attempting to rebuild his reputation.

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Takuma Maeda Early Life And Career Details

Beyond such controversial stories as that one, Takuma Maeda is an accomplished neurosurgeon by training.

He earned an MD from Sapporo Medical University before getting a PhD in Neurosurgery at Saitama Medical University Graduate School of Medicine.

Earlier in his medical career, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Barrow Neurological Institute, among America’s top neuroscience research institutions.

Maeda specializes in cerebrovascular disorders like aneurysms, hemorrhages, and strokes and works as clinical staff for it.

Takuma Maeda recommending Choice Protein
His good looks and physique garnered over 17,000 Instagram followers. (Source: Instagram)

The medical doctor now operates out of Ohkawara Neurosurgical Hospital. His roles are in another position at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Centre.

Meanwhile, his expertise lies in Minimally invasive brain procedures, making him an innovator in this type of neurosurgery.

Maeda’s passion for neurosurgery has led him to get into academic publications and international presentations.

This has helped him to work together with some of the topmost experts across the globe.

Nevertheless, as part of his efforts to build his image as “the muscle doctor,” he has gained fame in medicine and fitness, bodybuilding, and other activities.

In addition to revealing his closely guarded personal life, this social media influencer ultimately led it to go public.

From now on, Takuma Maeda will strive to shift attention back to his pioneering contributions to neurosurgery.

Also, he must deal with the aftermath of a scandal that damaged his reputation and marriage.

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