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Takumi Kitamura Parents: Father Tomitaka Itoda And Mother

Due to the increased popularity of Japanese actor Takumi Kitamura, fans are now curious about his personal life and parents. Let’s find out Kitamura’s family details. 

Takumi Kitamura is a highly acknowledged Japanese actor, model, and singer currently represented by Stardust Promotion.

Apart from being a famous actor, he is also the leader of the Japanese pop band Dish.

Dish is a dancing pop band that performs by dancing while playing different musical instruments.

Meanwhile, Japanese citizens and people worldwide love Takumi for his brilliant personality and skills, making his career stable.

Similarly, Takumi has already done over 25 films and over 20 TV series in Japanese languages alone.

As Takumi Kitamura has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, the number of people searching for the details of his parents is rising on the internet.

Meet Takumi Kitamura Parents: Father Tomitaka Itoda And Mother

Japan’s highly respected pop artist, Takumi Kitamura, was spotlighted for his appearance in the famous Japanese movie Tokyo Revengers.

The famous Japanese actor and singer was born into a close-knit family.

According to the sources, his father, Tomitaka Itoda, is respected in Japanese politics.

However, not much information is available about Takumi’s mother.

Despite being a political figure, Tomitaka, the singer’s father, rarely publicly appears with his son.

Similarly, Takumi also seems reserved regarding sharing details about his dating life.

Takumi Kitamura Parents
Takumi Kitamura’s father, Tomitaka Itoda, is a famous Japanese politician. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Takumi, not revealing anything personal about his parents, reflects how much he cares about their privacy and shows a veil of secrecy.

Moreover, despite being active on social media such as Instagram, the actor rarely posts anything about his family.

Nevertheless, there is undeniable evidence of the unwavering support Takumi Kitamura received from his parents.

It seems the parents of Takumi Kitamura are the main pillars of his musical and acting career, as they have supported him from his early debuts.

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Takumi Kitamura Journey To Stardom

As a third-grade elementary school student, Takumi Kitamura made his first singing debut in the NHK series Minna no Uta’s song Risu ni Koi Shita.

Following this debut, he subsequently appeared as an actor in the sports drama movie Dive!!.

Holding a deep passion for art and cinema, he also worked as a model.

During his model career, he won the Reader Model Award in 2009 from the magazine Shogaku Rokunensei.

Later, the musician debuted in a group as a J-pop idol in 2011, where he was famous for being the leader, lead vocalist, and guitarist.

Takumi Kitamura singer looking at the camera.
Takumi Kitamura is a renowned singer and band leader. (Source: Instagram)

Along with achieving heights of success in a musical career, Takumi is equally focusing on his acting career.

His latest movie, Tokyo Revengers, was one of the highest-grossing Japanese films of 2021, earning him colossal recognition worldwide.

He also played in movies such as I Am What I Am, Lonley Castle in the Mirror, Love Me Love Me Not, OverDrive, Sing My Life, and Let Me Eat Your Pancreas.

Nonetheless, the parents of Takumi Kitamura feel blessed to have a son like him, as he has won multiple awards and has established himself in the entertainment industry.

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