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Taylor Swift AI Video Floods In: Latest AI Scandal And Lawsuits

Recently, the internet has been flooded with Taylor Swift AI video as fans demand a proper lawsuit against the creator. What does the singer plan to do next? Let’s find out.

Taylor Swift and her songwriting have vastly influenced the music industry and popular culture for decades.

Since her debut in 2004, Swift has managed to break world records as one of the world’s best-selling musicians.

Further, with a record deal with Big Machine and Republic Records, she has released over 10 albums and numerous singles.

Over the years, the musician has garnered mass public admiration with a solid fanbase who call themselves the Swifties.

Due to such popularity, Swift and her life have been the subject of widespread media coverage.

Unfortunately, an explicit AI video of Taylor Swift has been spreading on social platforms, putting her reputation on the line.

Taylor Swift AI Video Floods In: Latest AI Scandal And Lawsuits

Taylor Swift has established herself as a gifted individual in the music industry with her songwriting and composition.

Further, she has been recognized as World’s 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes with several accolades under her name.

However, such fame has its downside as an explicit AI-generated video of Taylor Swift has been creating a buzz online.

Taylor Swift during a Kansas Chief game
Swifties rushed to dox the user who uploaded the images. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the video compiles several images of the musician indulging in sexual activities during a football game.

The images showcased Swift clad in a Kansas City Chief costume with her facial expressions manipulated as well.

Such AI-generated video of Taylor Swift became a trending matter within hours amassing millions of likes and reactions.

Despite its wide circulation, the singer initially maintained her silence on the matter.

However, reports emerged stating that Swift is considering taking action legal action against the deepfake website that released her picture.

Additionally, fans have shown their support for the artist and demanded a legal ban on AI creation.

Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour
Swift has advocated for the protection of women’s rights. (Source: Twitter)

Shortly after someone posted the AI video online, fans joined in to make “Protect Taylor Swift” a trending hashtag on Twitter.

Moreover, the explicit content caught the eyes of the White House as they stated that the use of AI was alarming.

As Swift prepares to take legal action, her representatives have yet to make a public statement regarding the scandal.

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Twitter Takes Down Taylor AI: Who Was Behind The Creation?

After the unexpected scandal, Twitter removed the sexually explicit AI images of Taylor Swift.

Further, any searches for terms such as Taylor Swift or Taylor AI on the platform displayed an error message.

However, her fans were not satisfied with Twitter’s actions and took matters into their own hands.

Taylor Swift posing with her merch
Swift initially maintained silence on the scandal. (Source: Instagram)

Shortly after, they doxxed the creator who was responsible for circulating the image on the social platform.

Moreover, it came to light that Zuber Abdi, with over 85k followers, was the person behind such unexpected actions.

His account was private but people didn’t hesitate to comment abusive responses towards the user.

While sites like Twitter continue their temporary effort to subside the issue, the explicit content has made its way to Reddit.

Similarly, numerous discussion forums have been started regarding the lawsuit that the singer is planning to undergo.

Amidst the unfortunate event, people note that Swift has the ultimate power to put an end to the direction AI is going.

In recent years, AI has made it easier for deepfake sites to generate and circulate explicit content of anyone.

Taylor in an album cover
Swift has faced several scandals in her musical career. (Source: Twitter)

As the technology lacks regulations and barriers, its damages continue to be irreparable. 

Further, such actions tend to put a mark on people’s public image and reputation hampering their mental well-being.

However, the government has promised to take security actions and create a safe space for users online.

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