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Are Taylor Swift And Ice Spice Friends? Friendship Timeline

Rapper Ice Spice and Pop Icon Taylor Swift were having a lot of fun at the Superbowl, and they seemed to have become great friends after a collaboration last year. Let’s explore more on this topic.

From Selena Gomez to Zendaya, Taylor Swift is known for having many friends in the music industry.

They spend a lot of time together and attend various events with each other.

Currently, it appears that another new artist has been added to her list of close friends.

The artist is none other than rapper and musician Ice Spice.

The two collaborated on a song called ‘Karma’, but no one knew Taylor Swift and Ice Spice hung out outside of their work and were friends.

From Fan to Friends: Journey of Ice Spice and Taylor Swift to ‘Karma’ Collaboration

Many may think Taylor and Ice Spice began knowing each other in the year 2023 for the collaboration of ‘Karma.’

However, their relationship had started building some years before the collaboration.

Ice spice and taylor swift
Friends Ice Spice and Taylor Swift both look amazing in their unique styles. (Source: Twitter)

We all know the famous Taylor Swift documentary ‘Miss Americana’ that aired in the year 2020.

Many celebrities were praising the singer after watching the documentary.

One of those celebrities was Ice Spice, who even made a statement after watching it.

She said,

What I took away from Taylor’s documentary is you need to work hard and not everything is going to be as easy as it seems.

Ice Spice says that she had a long conversation about it with her manager and team.

They reached out to Taylor Swift’s team, and surprisingly, they made an offer for a collaboration.

After working for a while, the song Karma was finally released in May 2023.

During the making of the song, they got quite close and spent a lot of time together.

Friends Taylor Swift Ice Spice
Taylor Swift and Ice Spice have great energy when performing on stage for their fans. (Source: Twitter)

The making of the music video for this song was very fun, and they both had a blast behind the scenes.

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Ice Spice and Taylor Swift Friendship Timeline: From Joint Tours to Awards and Super Bowl Shenanigans

Unfortunately, the song did not receive as much praise as they may have wanted.

Some fans of Taylor Swift also said that the combination of the two artist’s singing styles did not match the song.

However, the collaboration created a huge buzz for both of the artists.

Both being as famous as they are, the collaboration was a huge deal for their fan groups.

Ice Spice even went to perform for one of Taylor’s shows in her famous Eras Tour.

Taylor swift and ice spice in Superbowl
Taylor Swift and Ice Spice in Super Bowl was an unexpected duo, but they were having a lot of fun. (Source: Twitter)

In September of 2023, the two friends Taylor Swift and Ice Spice were once again together for the MTV Video Music Awards.

Both of them were cheering for each other when they won their respective awards.

Taylor won the ‘Song of the Year’ for Antihero, and Ice Spice won the ‘Best New Artist’ category.

Their friendship is again trending online after their appearance in the 2024 Super Bowl on February 11.

Ice Spice and Taylor Swift seemed like they had an amazing time together along with Taylor’s other old friends.

Their friendship seems to have grown even stronger as they spend more and more time with each other.

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