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Is Taz Skylar Chef In Real Life Too? One Piece Sanji’s Cooking Showdown

After the famous role of Sanji, the chef of Straw Hats, One Piece star Taz Skylar, to show off his skills in the kitchen, has assembled his fellow Straw Hat Pirates to test out his cooking.

Tarek Yassin Skylar, aka Taz Skylar, is a Spanish and English actor and screenwriter based in London.

Some of his most famous work of Taz is his self-written off-West-end play, Warheads.

Born on December 5, 1995, Taz was raised on the Canary Island of Tenerife, Spain.

However, his father, Hassan Yassin, is an Arab of Sierraleonian-Lebanese origin, whereas his mother is from Gwen Skylar, English-born in Yorkshire.

Because of his parental roots, he holds dual nationality with Spain and the United Kingdom.

Is Taz Skylar Chef In Real Life Too? The Cooking Showdown

To portray Chef Taz, Skylar trained in various ways to bring life to the legendary role of Sanji.

Now, to show off his skills in the kitchen, he has built his team of companions to give feedback on his cooking and food.

The chef originally learned his cooking skills with cook Zeff, a pirate, but changed his perception of spending time in the kitchen.

As seen in the first season of Anime TV Series One Piece, Sanji went from cooking at the restaurant to becoming one of Luffy’s most trusted mates.

Skylar has been very fond of cooking in his lifestyle. He also posts pictures on Instagram with some food he likes and cooks as his hobby.

Taz skylar with his cooking guide.
Taz Skylar showed his cooking skills with his instructor. (Source: Instagram)

As Chef in One Piece, Taz Skylar has amazing cooking skills and has gone through different cuisines and restaurants to portray his love for cooking and training for the role.

In some of his interviews with Gamesradar, Taz Skylar has also stated exactly how much time he has to spend on his training to characterize Straw Hat Pirates as a chef.

He says he had daily 8 or more hours of intensive training sessions. He further adds,

And it was every single day, seven days a week – I had straps on every single joint on my body. It was the most ridiculous process I’ve ever been through in my life. But! I did do every single kick, and I’m proud of it.

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Taz Skylar Before Playing Chef Sanji: Early Life & Career

Starting with his early life, he earned recognition because of his artistry and gorgeous looks.

Being an Olivier Award-nominated writer, he first featured in the film The Kill Team, released in 2019.

However, his career as an actor began back in 2015, and since then, he has performed in numerous onstage and onscreen performances.

He’s a talented actor on the rise, and we’re celebrating him today!

Taz Skylar getting a photoshoot done for the famous fashion brand Dior.
Taz Skylar has a photoshoot done by the fashion brand Dior. (Source: Instagram)

In the beginning, One Piece Chef Taz Skylar initiated his entertainment career in the United Kingdom, where he started acting in roles.

Similarly, In 2015, he appeared in Venom and Beautiful’s short films. He also made a noticeable presence in the short film Trophy in 2016.

Moreover, Taz made his directorial debut with the short film Multi-Facial. In addition to that, he made his feature film debut in The Kill Team as Sergeant Dawes.

Later that year, he played Marty in Lie Low and Betim in the short film Final Gift.

While Skylar was just getting founded In 2020, he was given a picture of Jason in Villain.

Taz Skylar with his team on the promotion day of One Piece.
Taz Skylar is promoting One Piece on the set of Netflix with his co-actors. (Source: IMDB)

Correspondingly, in 2022, he added to the cast of Agatha Raisin, characterizing Harry Beam in two show episodes. Taz then played Gin in The Deal by 2022.

Moving on, Taz Skylar’s most recent appearance may be seen in the anime series One Piece as Sanji, the chef in all eight episodes so far.

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