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Teddy Swims Tattoos: Total Number, Design & Meaning

Teddy is a musician who has recently given hits such as I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy. His art form and love for tattoos have made netizens more curious than ever about Teddy Swims’ personal life and tattoo choices.

‘Jaten Collin Dimsdale,’ famously known as Teddy Swims, is an American musician famous for his work in R&B, soul, country, and pop genres.

He is a multi-talented individual who is a perfect example of a person who went from rags to riches.

Teddy’s music has fans from numerous walks of life, and more than 17 million people have listened to his music on Spotify.

Initially, Teddy started as a cover artist who uploaded his music to YouTube, now having 2.9 million subscribers.

He is one of the finest talents in the modern Hollywood music industry. His cover of Tennessee Whiskey has a whopping 43 Million views on YouTube.

Later, he released his debut single in 2020 and four more extended playpieces.

Recently, in September 2023, he released his debut album, I’ve Tried Everything but Therapy, with Warner Records Incorporated.

The album was a massive hit, giving him a spot in the Top 100 at the US Billboard 200.

However, besides his music, fans seem much more intrigued by Teddy Swims tattoos and their story.

How Many Tattoos Do Teddy Swims Have?

Teddy is an ink enthusiast who prefers etching his body with elaborate artwork, commonly known as a tattoo.

He likes to tell a deep story through his tattoos and does not ink his body for fun.

However, most of his tattoos carry a deep meaning relating to his life and past experiences.

Teddy’s passion for tattoos started at a very young age, and he started by covering his body using machines that gave out tattoo stickers for fifty cents.

Teddy Swims in Inked interview talking about his tattoos.
Frank Ocean and Stevie Wonder are Teddy’s favorite artists.

Interestingly, Teddy is like a living canvas; he eventually wishes to cover his whole body with ink.

Teddy Swims has more than 76 tattoos all around his body;

But some pieces, like the one on his neck and a lip imprint tattoo, are some of his favorites.

He made this tattoo after his mother kissed a piece of paper, leaving a lipstick mark on his neck, which he later made permanent.

One of his first face tattoos, which says ‘Home at Last,’ is a tribute to his late grandfather, who passed away a few years ago.

Teddy showing his first face tattoo.
Teddy was born on September 25, 1992.

He inked the same words his grandmother said when he visited her during his grandpa’s funeral.

In an interview with Zach Sang, Teddy Swims recalls that he always wanted to get tattooed more than anything.

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Design And Meaning Behind Teddy Swims Tattoos

Teddy Swims has elaborate tattoos with different meanings according to his life experience.

His first tattoo was a chest tattoo he made on his 18th birthday; the tattoo says ‘Compassion,’ representing Terry’s values and ethics.

Teddy with Maren Morris
He recently released a song called “Somethings I’ll Never Know” with Maren Morris. (Source: Instagram)

The lipstick tattoo on his neck is his second tattoo, which he dearly loves because of his mother’s lip imprint.

Soon after that, he started inking his sleeve, and one of the first tattoos he made was titled ‘Heroic Bear, The Despair,’ based on a metal band he was a part of.

The design inspiration for most of his tattoos is simply his life experience and the people around him.

Sometimes, it’s Teddy’s mom, sometimes his grandmother, and sometimes the band he started his music career with.

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