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Tethered Movie Wikipedia: 2022 Film With Plot, Summary, Cast & Ending

With its intriguing storyline and unexpected ending, the movie Tethered has captivated audiences, prompting them to seek out its narrative on the Wikipedia page. Delve into this article for insights into the plot, summary, and ending.

Directed and written by Daniel Robinette, Tethered is a mystery and horror drama released in 2022.

Tethered is the extended narration of the 2017 short film Tethered and the first feature film for independent filmmakers in North Carolina. 

Moving on to the storyline, Tethered narrates the story of a blind teenager named Solomon and the hunter Henry. 

The film’s storyline connected well with viewers, earning considerable acclaim and positive reception.

Though it got IMDB ratings of 4.8 out of 10, many movie enthusiasts are searching for Wikipedia to understand the plot more easily. 

So, let’s delve into the detailed plot summary of Tethered and its ending.

Tethered Movie Wikipedia: 2022 Movie Cast & Summary Details

It won’t be a mistake to say that the lackluster online ratings on the movie Tethered have resulted in the lack of a dedicated Wikipedia page for the film.

But do not worry! Here, we unravel the plot of the thriller movie Tethered.

The Wikipedia of the movie Tethered is incomplete without a look into the cast, as their performance was outstanding.

Young Solomon and his mother outside of the hoods.
Tethered captures the story of a mysterious creature in the Woods. (Source: IMDb)

Further, the cast of the movie Tethered is as follows:

  • Alexandra Paul: Mother (Nidia)
  • Brody Bett: Young Solomon
  • Chris Demm: Father (Lucas)
  • Jared Laufree: Solomon
  • Kareem Ferguson: Hank

The story of Tethered unfolds as Solomon, a blind boy, and his mother, Nidia, reside in a remote cabin in the wilderness.

Solomon and his mother, Nidia, gather sustenance and materials from the surrounding forest for a livelihood.

While gathering materials in the forest, Nidia strictly provides Solomon with three rules.

At first, she teaches Solomon that the house is a sanctuary; second, he must always contribute a portion of their forest findings.

Nidia’s last teaching to her blind son was not to take off the rope from his waist in whatever situation, as it’s the way to find his home.

Ten years passed, and Solomon lived on his assumption that both his mother and father were no longer alive.

Blind Solomon resting and searching for food.
Solomon is a blind boy who has lived alone for a decade. (Source: IMDb)

Over time, Solomon suddenly encounters a benevolent hunter named Henry, who kindly asks to spend the night alongside him.

As days pass, the two become friends and embark on a journey to find a childhood chain together.

Once Henry suddenly found that chain, he was interested in further investigation. 

Then, the next day, Henry went on for an investigation in the woods but faced danger from a strange figure that tore apart a tiny bear.

As a result, Henry advises Solomon not to toss food into the woods, violating his mother’s second rule, to deter the creature’s return.

Nevertheless, Tethered reveals a shocking plot twist that confuses the ending as the plot gets more mysterious.

Tethered Ending Explained: What Happened To Solomon?

The ending of the movie has confused its viewers, leading to an increased demand for the Wikipedia page of Tethered.

Perplexity arises when Henry discovers Solomon’s mother’s journals while chitchatting with him.

The following day, Hank discovers a second journal and finds the creature alone.

In the meantime, Solomon hears Hank fitting a bullet from his gun, so he rushes to find him. As the rope ended, he removed it from his waist to look after his friend.

Henry in the woods searching for the chains.
The run time of the movie Tethered is one hour and twenty-seven minutes. (Source: IMDb)

After that, he crawls to navigate the path, and after reaching a nearby gully, Solomon locates Hank’s dead body.

Nevertheless, before he could process the discovery, he had to confront a creature, his emotionless mother, who caught him with demonic eyes.

Solomon’s sole capability lies in softly humming a lullaby they once shared.

As he hums, she joins in, and he acknowledges her presence through the melody.

However, to save himself, he killed his demonic mom with his pocket knife.

In the end, out of fear, Solomon coughs and then lies down by a tree.

Amidst nature’s sounds, his blank white eyes transform into pointed pupils, mirroring his mother’s.

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