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The Adopted Daughter Saves the World Chapter 26 Spoilers, Leaks

The Adopted Daughter Saves the World is an exciting story of magic, adventure, and romance that has captivated readers’ attention as they await the release of chapter 26. Let’s dive further into its spoilers and leaks in this article!

The Adopted Daughter Saves the World explores the story of Chelianne, who loses her parents at a young age.

Released on Tapas, the plot explores how the child finds solace in books to escape the harsh reality.

However, while reading the tragic story of The Legend of Arfia, Chelianne gets pulled into the Modeth, the Kingdom of Darkness on the continent of Arfia.

While there, she encounters Carlten, the Demon King, who immediately adopts her into the royal family.

As Chelianne knows the book’s tragic ending, she is determined to save her new home.

During her journey, she encounters new enemies but finds new friends and magical powers.

Now, readers want the spoilers for chapter 26 of The Adopted Daughter Saves the World to see what happens next in the story.

The Adopted Daughter Saves The World’s Recap: Chapter 25 Explained!

Looking back at the previous release of The Adopted Daughter Saves the World, we see Chelianne being locked in the castle.

Further, the captain wants to confine her for misbehavior inside the kingdom.

Meanwhile, a pigeon sent by Theo with cloaking magic observes the activities and royal soldiers in Hasentat.

Chapter 26 leaks with lead characters
The manhwa presents a fun story of the world of magical beings. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Theo senses difficulty predicting the future without his partner, Chelianne.

Likewise, she sleeps soundly in the castle when she is awakened by Brian, who suggests an escape.

As the chapter continues, it reveals that Hasentat does not allow magic, as aerial defense detects and launches energy attacks.

However, there are flaws in the system, as it only detects Modeth’s large wave of demonic energy.

Additionally, Brian showcases a new trick he learned from his master, which changes the color of the subject’s hair.

Now, the pair use stealth techniques to escape from the castle guards and reach a bell tower.

Further, the tower houses Brian’s master, Sott, a great wizard of the demonic land.

Chelianne in chapter 26 spoilers
Chelianne has the extraordinary powers of the dragon.

Chelianne realizes that the novel she read only mentions the destruction of Modeth from the country’s point of view.

Similarly, there are several things that she still has to understand and learn about the place.

With an ending hinting at new revelations, readers wanted a quick look into chapter 26 of The Adopted Daughter Saves the World.

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Chelianne’s Hidden Powers: The Adopted Daughter Saves the World Chapter 26 Spoilers, Leaks

Chapter 26 of The Adopted Daughter Saves the World begins with Brian reading a magic roll.

The roll contains a detailed written instruction on using the color-changing magic he used in the previous chapter.

Further, Chelianne states that she has never studied magic before and doubts her potential.

Brian helping Chelianne in chapter 26
Chelianne has made new friends in her unusual journey.

On the other hand, Brian possesses half-holy and half-magic powers, making him an exception.

As they begin to focus their energy on creating magic in the spoilers, Chelianne envisions a terrifying dragon.

Moreover, the hidden energy threatens the girl, which makes her anxious, resulting in a loss of focus.

However, Brian’s master immediately senses such powerful energy and intends to peek further into Chelianne’s powers.

Additionally, he states that dangerous and sad demonic energy fills her body, waiting for a release.

The leaks reveal that humans cannot tame power and require purification as soon as possible.

Similarly, the power belongs to Carlten, whose origins remain a mystery to the readers.

Brian leading Chelianne into a bell tower in chapter 26 of The Adopted Daughter Saves the World
Brian helps Chelianne to realize her true potential.

After such a reveal in the spoilers of the manhwa, Chelianne and Brian return to the castle, where they test their new skill.

Soon, chaos unfolds as the soldiers find themselves with multicolored hair and features.

At the end of The Adopted Daughter Saves the World, chapter 26, Chelianne uses magic to turn the leader into a rainbow-colored person.

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