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The Devil On Trial Wikipedia: Arne Cheyenne Johnson True Story

Based on a real-life incident, the Netflix documentary The Devil On Trial has gained significant attention for its horror content, increasing search for its Wikipedia for further details. 

The Netflix documentary, The Devil On Trial premiered worldwide on October 17, 2023.

Directed by Chris Holt, the documentary unfolds a real-life incident that occurred during a case trial in the United States.

Further, the show presents the horror details surrounding the once-in-a-lifetime court case trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. 

Meanwhile, the trial is also known as the Devil Made Me Do It case in which the defense tries to prove innocence based upon the claim of demonic possession. 

Moreover, with its increasing viewership, Wikipedia of The Devil On Trial has gained worldwide interest from the audiences. 

The Devil On Trial Wikipedia: Arne Cheyenne Johnson True Story

Despite the documentary’s captivating story, The Devil On Trial still lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page. 

However, the following article aims to provide you with every single detail about the documentary and its real-life incident. 

The Wikipedia of The Devil On Trial unfolds the legal procedures that followed the murder of Arne’s landlord, Alan Bono. 

A screenshot of The Devil on Fire.
The incident took place the same day they performed spiritual rituals. (Source: YouTube)

The documentary begins by showcasing to viewers the idyllic countryside life of the Glatzel family, including David, Carl, and Judy Glatzel.

It initially showcases a glimpse of the family’s daily lives and events like picnics, and birthday celebrations.

However, the documentary takes a dark turn and dives into the heart of the story: David Glatzel’s disturbing behavior. 

Meanwhile, the home videos and family interviews put on screen the bizarre acts- levitation, speaking in tongues, and aggressive outbursts.

Further, the initial phase also introduces Ed and Lorraine Warren, the renowned paranormal investigators.

Their arrival becomes an important moment in the story, adding credibility to the family’s claims of demonic possession. 

Screenshot of The Devil on Trial teaser trailer.
Johnson argued he killed the landlord under the influence of a demon. (Source: YouTube)

Meanwhile, during the spiritual rituals, David’s brother-in-law, Johnson, tragically ends up in the demon’s possession and brutally murders his landlord.

Subsequently, the trial that followed became a significant legal event, where Johnson’s defense argues he was possessed by a demon during the incident. 

This creates a clash between religious beliefs and scientific understanding, leading to a courtroom battle where the evidence brings unseen forces into focus. 

Moreover, the final decision is now a part of history that left families divided, faith unsettled, and the truth surrounded by uncertainty. 

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Details About The Real Life Trial And The Aftermath

The incident unfolded in February 1981 after the Glatzel family underwent an exorcism attempt to free their son from the demonic possession. 

According to the witnesses, Johnson went into a trance-like state before stabbing Bono multiple times to death. 

Following the incident, the court convicted Johnson of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced him to 10-20 years in prison. 

A man captured speaking in the documentary.
Johnson was released after serving five years in prison. (Source: YouTube)

Upon release, he married Debbie in 1985 and remained together till her death in 2021. 

Later, the event inspired numerous Movies, TV shows, and Books related to it. 

The incident led to the creation of a television film titled The Demon Murder Case on NBC.

Further, the event also inspired the premise of the 2021 film, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

Eventually, in 2023, Netflix produced a documentary that showcased the real-life incidents through recorded footage, shedding light on the actual events. 

However, except for the Netflix documentary, most of these works do not directly adapt the real incident.

In the aftermath of the incident, the Glatzel family faced struggles with trauma, faith, and justice.

Nevertheless, the incident has left a lasting impact on society and serves as a reminder of the complexities of human behavior. 

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