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The Farm Movie Wikipedia: 2018 Horror Film Cast And Ending Explained

With an intriguing storyline and a horrifying ending, the movie The Farm has garnered the attention of viewers, prompting them to seek cast details and summary on its Wikipedia. Let’s delve into the movie further in this article!

Released on December 19, 2018, The Farm follows the story of a young couple Nora and Alec who are travelling cross country.

The movie captivated its audience with its shocking twists and gut-wrenching plot, leaving them wanting for more.

Further, the director and writer, Hans Stjernsward considered the movie one of his notable works.

Soon after its release, The Farm movie received mixed reactions from the audience and critics.

Now, they search for the Wikipedia of the movie to understand more about the plot and ending of The Farm.

The Farm Movie Wikipedia: Plot And Ending Explained

Despite its storyline, The Farm has only received a rating of 3.7 out of 10 which piqued the interest of many at the Wikipedia of the movie.

Unfortunately, viewers were disappointed to find out that the Wikipedia for the movie, The Farm, was missing.

The movie begins with Alec and Nora traveling through the countryside where they stop to have dinner.

The Farm poster with animal masks
The farm dwellers kill people for their meat. (Source: Twitter)

Further, the gas station owner suggests they spend the night there as the road lacks any hotels or B&Bs.

However, the home is not an ordinary one as it has bloodstains and flies buzzing around that the couple fails to notice.

Soon the horror begins as the pair find themselves in cages surrounded by cult members wearing animal masks.

Moreover, Nora and Alec get separated and each endures torture beyond human beliefs.

At some point in the movie, it is revealed that the cult leader is the campground owner while his right-hand man is the gas station attendant.

Additionally, they state that they often kill people and make meat out of them for money.

After horrifying events, Alec somehow manages to escape with his partner with the help of the farm’s bus.

The Farm lead inside a cage
Nora tries to escape the property multiple times. (Source: IMDb)

However, their efforts are futile as the cult members are waiting for the couple to kill them.

Nearing the end of the movie, The Farm showcases Nora and other women placed on silver plates with apples in their mouths.

With the death of its lead confirmed, the movie ends on a frightening note leaving the audience shocked.

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The Farm: 2018 Horror Film Cast And Review

Such a premise of the story left viewers searching for the movie cast including the Wikipedia of The Farm.

The movie features Nora Yessayan (Nora) and Alec Gaylord (Alec) in the lead role who portray the horror genre to perfection.

The Farm movie characters with masks
The animal masks give people a sense of anonymity. (Source: IMDb)

Further, some of the other cast members who appeared on The Farm are:

  • Ken Volok- Landlord
  • Rob Tisdale- Andrew
  • Kelly Mis- Ashley
  • Julie Meghan Brown- Woman in Cage
  • Sandra Cruze- Waitress
  • David Air- Guy at the diner
  • Gael Carrion- Animal Masks
  • Rishi Das- Jenson
  • Logan William McPeak- Man in Cage

The movie included cinematography from Egor Povolotskiy and editing from Monge, which wasn’t palatable to many of the viewers.

Additionally, The Farm received several reviews from viewers where they referred to the story as ‘Torture porn.’

The characters go through extreme levels of physical violence and gore, which at times are unnecessary.

Character wearing a boar mask
The director wanted to convey a terrifying emotions through the animal masks. (Source: IMDb)

Further, the story shifts quickly from the character’s death to the plotlines that confuse the audience.

Despite its potential to be a great horror story, The Farm lacked the luster to leave a lasting impact.

Regardless, the movie managed to capture the viewers for a while as they anticipated the next big moment.

However, The Farm failed to give the audience a satisfying ending and overall pacing.

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