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The Last President Book Wikipedia: Summary & Synopsis

The Last President book is considered to be an eerie tale of the current political scenario written over 125 years ago, which has piqued the interest of readers, leading to an increased search for its Wikipedia.

Released in 1896, The Last President is a story of New York on the brink of collapse after a political debate.

The book was written by Ingersoll Lockwood, an American lawyer and writer who mostly indulged in children’s books.

Further, his dystopian novel The Last President has garnered much discussion and praise even after years of publication.

The author, born in Ossining, New York, was previously a diplomat appointed Consul to the Kingdom of Hanover by Abraham Lincoln.

Moreover, Lockwood was the youngest member of the US Consular Force and served in the position for four years.

After working as an established lecturer and writer, Lockwood penned The Last President as one of his final creations.

As the book gains recognition for its coincidental story matching the current politics, people look for the Wikipedia page of The Last President.

The Last President Book Wikipedia: Summary & Synopsis

Despite being a significant book for modern politics, The Last President Wikipedia seems lacking.

However, we bring you a brief look into the synopsis and summary of The Last President book, which might be helpful for a potential Wikipedia page.

The book delves into the entire East Side of New York, where the state is in uproar after conflicting elections.

The Last President revised version cover
The Last President also presents a theme of political satire. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, a candidate unexpectedly secures an election despite facing opposition in the election office.

Such turbulent elections prompt citizens to fuel mobs of vast size under the leadership of socialist and anarchist leaders.

Additionally, the groups threaten the order of society as they aim to destroy the houses of the rich.

The Last President also showcases how civilians resent the authorities and people who have oppressed them for many years.

Soon, the plot unfolds the attacks on Fifth Avenue Hotels, which are the main target of the furious mobs.

The Last President book excerpt
The book mentions the conflicting situations of a president. (Source: Twitter)

Later, the book displays the republic’s collapse after the transition of presidential powers.

Similarly, the leaders sign new executive orders to control the civilians better.

As The Last President nears its end, the book matches events from the recent Trump presidency, leading to interest in its Wikipedia.

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The Last Pesident’s Conspiracy Theories: Did It Predict Trump’s Elections?

The surge in Wikipedia search for The Last President is also partly due to several conspiracy theories regarding the work.

Further, the theories claim that the Trump families are part of time travelers, as mentioned in several books by Ingersoll Lockwood.

Most of the author’s books had a protagonist named Baron Trump, which coincided with the president’s son.

Furthermore, in the present context, The Last President stated that the mob occurred on Fifth Avenue, where the Trump Tower is built.

Likewise, people also started linking the book’s event with the 2016 election in the States.

The Last President conspiracy theories with Trump
Many believe that The Last President was a story of Donald Trump.

The president in the book even appoints a man to the cabinet named Pence; another striking event as Trump’s vice president was Mike Pence.

Although fictional, the story seemed to take inspiration from modern-day political scenarios.

However, others noted that political outrage and downfall were major writing themes in the early 20th century.

The system was openly corrupt, inspiring authors to pen stories like The Last President.

Despite the theories, it could only be a coincidence that the works of Lockwood mentioned Trump.

Regardless, the eerie nature of the books continues to surprise readers who express their thoughts on TikTok and Twitter.

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