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Theresa Nist Wikipedia, Wedding: Meet Golden Bachelor Star Gerry Turner Wife

ABC’s ‘The Golden Bachelor‘ was a huge hit and it ended beautifully. Theresa Nist was the lucky one to be the wife of Gerry Turner, now people are searching for her on Wikipedia. Let’s explore.

Theresa Nist is a 70-year-old TV personality who was born in the year 1953, August 4.

She comes from New Jersey, Shrewsbury which is why she has got the title of ‘Jersey Girl.’

Besides her newfound career in TV, she is a very well-established financial service provider.

She still works at TFS Financial Services, Inc., where she holds the position of senior compliance.

Theresa was recently on the hit reality show ‘The Golden Hour’ as a contestant where she has now found the love of her life Gerry Turner.

Their fairy tale wedding has created a buzz on the internet.

People are now searching for the Wikipedia of Theresa Nist to know more about her.

Theresa Nist Wikipedia: Journey from ‘The Golden Bachelor’ to Tying the Knot with Gerry Turner

Theresa’s marriage to lover Gerry Turner may be a new chapter in her life but she has had a very fulfilling life even before this.

Golden Bachelor Theresa Nist
Theresa Nist was extremely happy on her big day with Garry among her close ones. (Source: Twitter)

Not much is known about her previous marriage or husband, but she has two children.

Her firstborn is her son Tommy, and she also has a daughter Jenny.

Moreover, Theresa has six grandchildren from her kids, they call her ‘Nana.’ She loves her grandchildren a lot.

She has always been a very outgoing personality and she has always pursued what she believes in.

Which is why she decided to go to the famous show ‘The Golden Bachelor‘.

The show is a spinoff of the famous reality show series, ‘The Bachelor.’

Both shows are about finding love, the only difference is that in ‘The Golden Bachelor‘ the contestants are from ages 60-75.

Theresa was the lucky one who got to find love in the very first season of the show.

Theresa nist marrige
Theresa Nist has her Wikipedia trending all over the country after her fairytale wedding. (Source: Twitter)

She and the bachelor Gerry Turner tied the knot in a live televised ceremony.

The ceremony took place in the La Quinta Club in La Quinta, California.

Their wedding officiator was none other than Susan Noles who is a fan favorite from the show.

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Theresa and Gerry’s Golden Wedding Bliss: A Beautiful Ceremony with Emotional Vows

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, Theresa wore a Badgley Mischka gown for her golden wedding.

She looked amazing at it when she was walking down the aisle with her son Tommy by her side.

Her daughter Jen was the maid of honor and daughter-in-law Amanda was her bridesmaid.

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner
There were many other competitors against Theresa Nist, but she is the one to be in Garry’s Wikipedia as his wife. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Gerry’s daughters joined Amanda to be Theresa’s other bridesmaids while Gerry’s son-in-law was his best man.

The vows in the wedding by the couple were very emotional, Theresa said that she knew right from the start that they would end up with each other.

Gerry made a promise to Theresa to choose her every day and never take her for granted.

Everything about the wedding was extremely sweet. Theresa’s grandson was the one bringing them their rings.

After the wedding, they had a reception, and Theresa did a bouquet toss.

The couple danced to their favorite song by Journey, ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’

Furthermore, the marriage has put both Theresa Nist and Garry Turner on the top of ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Wikipedia.

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