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This Was Television On January 25

1980: BET goes on the air

Established by former cable industry lobbyist Robert Johnson, Black Entertainment Television (BET) made its debut as a programming block within the framework of another relatively young cable channel, Nickelodeon.

Initially, the lineup consisted of a blend of music videos and syndicated reruns, with the overarching mission of catering primarily to African-American audiences while showcasing African-American talent.

By the year 1983, BET had firmly established itself within the cable television landscape, going on to produce original news, variety, and scripted programming. As of today, it operates under the ownership of Viacom and has become a ubiquitous presence on American cable systems.

In the late 2000s, BET extended its brand by launching several additional channels.

Also on January 25:

In 1949, the inaugural Emmy Awards were bestowed during a ceremony held at the Hollywood Athletic Club.

These initial awards, presented by the newly established Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, were exclusively dedicated to recognizing programming created and broadcast within the Los Angeles market.

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Birthdays on January 25:

Ernie Harwell, sportscaster (d. 2010); Diana Hyland, character actress (d. 1977); Mia Kirshner, writer (38); Christine Lakin, tomboy (34); Dinah Manoff, eldest daughter (55); Edwin Newman, newsman (d. 2010); Ana Ortiz, big sister (42); Gregory Sierra, cop (72); John Terry, character actor (63).

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