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Who Is Baby Oslo By Side Of Tieghan Gerard? Family Details

Tieghan Gerard, a popular American food vlogger, has become a sensation. They want to know more about her family and the background of the baby near Tieghan Gerard, Oslo.

Tieghan Elizabeth Gerard, born on September 15, 1993, is a popular American food blogger and social media influencer.

In 2012, at the age of nineteen, Tieghan Gerard created the food blog Half Baked Harvest. 

Since 2012, she has gained recognition and has been featured on various platforms.

It includes Food Network, Huffington Post, PopSugar, and The Cooking Channel. 

Meanwhile, Tieghan Gerard received the Saveur Magazine Awards for Most Inspired Weeknights Dinner in 2016, highlighting her culinary excellence.

Also, she has authored three cookbooks, with her first one titled Half Baked Harvest Cookbook, released in September 2017.

Recently, people have become curious about her life, particularly the baby by the side of Tieghan Gerard, Oslo, prompting a surge of interest in her background.

Tieghan Gerard Baby: Who Is The New Member Among Siblings?

People are curious about Tieghan Gerard’s background, particularly her parents and siblings. So here it is.

Tieghan Gerard’s parents, Jen Gerard and Conrad Gerard, celebrated 38 years of marriage after tying the knot on January 4, 1985.

Likewise, the Gerard family includes her parents, Jen Gerard and Conrad Gerard, and seven siblings. They live in Silverthorne, Colorado.

Tieghan Gerard parents holding Oslo
Jen announced their eighth child, Oslo James Gerard. (Source: Instagram)

Tieghan Gerard’s siblings consist of three older brothers, two younger brothers, and a little sister. She is the fourth child and the first daughter in the family.

Her five brothers are named Creighton Gerard, Trevor Gerard, Brendan Gerard, Malachi Gerard, and Redmond Gerard.

Similarly, her little sister goes by the name Asher Gerard.

The seven siblings have a very close relationship with one another and share a common interest in snowboarding.

They always support each other and demonstrate their deep love for one another.

However, in 2020, the family welcomed their youngest member, Oslo James Gerard, through adoption.

Oslo was adopted when he was just 2 weeks old. Tieghan Gerard expressed her excitement about the arrival of her baby brother through her website.

Tieghan Gerard Baby brother Oslo sitting in floor
Oslo, the adopted youngest sibling of the family, is well-loved. (Source: Instagram)

Oslo’s adoption story is connected to their mother’s desire to adopt an infant affected by the opioid crisis.

Subsequently, they collaborated with agencies specializing in special needs children.

Later, they adopted Oslo through one of their favorite agency, Special Angels.

However, some people mistakenly thought Oslo was the baby of Tieghan Gerard instead of her baby brother.

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Tieghan Gerard Opens Up About Her Family And Career

Tieghan Gerard’s love for cooking began when she helped her parents make meals.

Over time, she became dedicated to cooking and began making meals full-time for her family.

Encouraged by positive feedback from her parents and siblings, she decided to pursue a career in cooking.

Additionally, her mother, Jen, is the co-founder and business manager of Half Baked Harvest.

Furthermore, she handles the business and marketing aspects of the food blog, while her daughter manages the content.

Gerard family cheering for red Gerard
Red made the Gerard family the proudest family in America. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Tieghan’s father helps his daughter manage the family barn, located at the bottom of the backyard terrain park.

Moreover, Creighton, the oldest sibling at 37 years old, spends much of his time traveling, as indicated on social media.

Further, Trevor, 35, works as a social media manager for Half Baked Harvest.

He also works for his brothers, Reds Backyard and Clique Worldwide.

Similarly, Brendan, aged 33, has appeared in films like After Forever and TurboDojo. He used to participate in various snowboarding competitions.

Malachi has been serving as a video producer for his sister’s blog since 2014.

Gerard sibling young age photo in a boat
Creighton wished Trevor a Happy Birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Tieghan Gerard’s brother, Red Gerard, 22, achieved first place in the FIS Snowboard World Cup Standings in Slopestyle in 2017.

He is the youngest American to win a medal in a snowboarding event.

The youngest daughter, Asher, was born in 2008 and is currently 14 years old.

At last, the youngest member of the family is Oslo, the baby brother of Tieghan Gerard.

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