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Will Tiktok Tunnel Girl Kala Face Lawsuit? Virginia Officials Update!

A woman’s ambitious project to build an underground tunnel beneath her suburban home, mining rocks, captivates users. Virginia officials raised speculation about the potential lawsuit of the TikTok Tunnel Girl Kala. Let’s explore more about it!

TikTok user engineer.everything, with 532.1k followers, gains attention for documenting a tunnel excavation beneath her suburban home.

Moreover, the TikToker is also recognized as Kala or the tunnel girl.

Regular updates about the tunnel on her TikTok account have prompted numerous questions and inquiries from curious people.

Virginia officials recently inspected her ongoing tunnel project, fueling speculation that the TikTok tunnel girl might face a lawsuit.

Is The TikTok Tunnel Girl Facing A Lawsuit? Update

Kala has amassed over 500k followers, chronicling the excavation of an underground tunnel system in Herndon, Va., since October 2022.

Despite gaining popularity on TikTok, she has faced a setback with regulatory orders concerning her tunnel project.

Tiktok tunnel girl with yellow gloves
No updates on the TikTok tunnel girl facing the lawsuit have been made. (Source: NBC News)

Facing an unpermitted tunnel-digging project, she received an order to abandon it due to “potential violations” from regulatory authorities.

Though there’s no news of a lawsuit against the TikTok tunnel girl, officials have ordered her to cease the project.

Officials conducted a site inspection on December 7, working with the homeowner to meet safety standards and ensure neighborhood safety.

Neighbors, mainly Central American migrants, were unaware until contacted. They heard loud noises during Kala’s mining, feeling the ground shake.

Tiktok tunnel girl shut down video
The officials have told the tunnel girl to stop her project as of now. (Source: Twitter)

However, worried about immigration issues, neighbors hesitated to report, fearing entanglement and potential deportation.

Moreover, Kala remains hopeful, seeking the necessary permits and approvals to resume her tunnel project.

She hasn’t updated viewers, prompting netizens to wonder if the TikTok tunnel girl is currently facing any lawsuits.

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Who Is The TikTok Tunnel Girl? 

The TikTok tunnel girl’s growing attention has left many people wondering about her identity.

However, she has kept her full name undisclosed, only sharing what seems to be her first name, Kala.

Kala working in a black glove
As of Jan 2024, TikTok tunnel girl has 532.1k followers on TikTok. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, she has maintained complete privacy regarding all aspects of her personal life.

In August 2022, US-based Kala, with no formal engineering background, started the project at her suburban property.

She gained attention by documenting a home project involving digging a tunnel beneath her suburban home.

“Just been over a year since I started building my underground tunnel system. I’m planning to construct a storm shelter off the side of my basement.”

Kala has invested $50,000 in building a 30-foot-long, 22-foot-deep bunker, intending to use it as a storm shelter.

rocks falling from a truck
She took the challenge to challenge herself and build a protective shelter area. (Source: NBC News)

One of her most-watched TikTok videos, posted in August 2023, recaps a year of construction work and has amassed 7.6 million views.

As her videos garnered attention, viewers raised questions about the project, particularly regarding its legality.

She enjoys ambitious home improvement projects and has previously built a four-story addition to the back of her house.

She’s the latest to capture the internet’s attention for documenting an unusual hobby, joining the ranks of the “eel pit guy” in 2022.

As Kala’s following expands, questions arise about her motivations, methods, qualifications, safety measures, and excavation permits from new followers.

Now, facing challenges with her project, viewers question whether the TikTok tunnel girl is dealing with a lawsuit.

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