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Who Was Tim Alberta Father, Rev. Richard Alberta? Family

Not only Tim Alberta but also his father, Rev Richard Alberta, was a renowned reverend and a pastor. Tim Alberta and his father are making headlines after the recent release of his new book.

Tim Alberta is a famous journalist and the best-selling author for The Atlantic magazine.

He was also the chief political correspondent for Politico.

His book, American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump, was published in 2019.

He has experience working with famous companies like the Wall Street Journal, The Hotline, Nestle Journal, and National Review.

After his many publications and work in the world of journalism, not only he but also his family has been a subject of curiosity among many of his fans.

Further, more specifically, people want to know more about Tim Alberta and his father.

Rev Richard Alberta, The Father Of Tim Alberta: From Sicily to Marriage

The father of the famous journalist Tim Alberta is Rev. Richard Alberta.

Rev was born in 1947 on August 6th in basic New Jersey to parents Frank Alberta and Betty Till.

Tim alberta father
Tim Alberta father, Rev Richard Alberta, was a man of faith. (Source: Youtube)

His father, Rev Richard Alberta, was a restaurateur and an immigrant from Sicily. Rev Richard used to be a football player at Mahwah High School.

During his high school years, he fell in love with a girl named Donna Pastor.

After completing his studies, he decided to join the US Marine Corps, but sadly, he could not continue due to health complications.

Coming back from the US Corps, he decided to go to Rutgers University to continue his studies in political science, finance, and pre-law.

After graduating, he married his longtime girlfriend Donna, who was also his high school classmate.

Tim alberta news
It was a long journey for Rev Richard to become a pastor with many hardships in life. (Source: Twitter)

Getting married at a young age is always filled with complications, especially about careers and plans for the future.

They had no idea about how they would sustain life with their newborn kid.

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Rev Richard Alberta: From Career Aspirations To Pastoral Calling, A Life To Remember

While Donna was working at ABC Radio in New York, Rev Richard wanted to pursue finance and planned to attend law school.

However, nothing was working out for Rev Richard, so he became very depressed and sad.

Donna’s income alone was not enough for the family to make ends meet.

That was when he got very religious and went to church with his niece Lynn.

It was very unusual for Rev Richard Alberta because he always identified himself as an atheist while growing up.

Tim alberta journalist
The father of Tim Alberta, Rev Richard, would have been very proud of Tim’s accomplishments today. (Source: Twitter)

This began his long journey at the Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church as its member.

After serving there for a long time, he became the teacher’s pastor in 1992.

His duties in the church as a pastor lasted until 2018, after which he decided to retire.

Sadly, after living a life filled with various ups and downs, Rev Richard Alberta passed away at the age of 71 due to a heart attack.

Tim Alberta still remembers his father, Rev Richard, as a very loving and devoted father.

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