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Tim Dillon Wife Anna Khachiyan: Are They Married Or Engaged?

After Tim Dillon publicly came out as gay, his Instagram post about Anna Khachiyan surprised netizens, prompting them to delve into his relationship status and search for information about his wife. Let’s explore!

Born on January 22, 1985, Tim J. Dillon is an American comedian, podcaster, and actor.

He hosts a comedic and cultural podcast, the Tim Dillon Show, providing insightful commentary.

However, Dillon openly embraced his sexuality and revealed he was gay at the age of 25.

As Dillon shares a photo with Anna Khachiyan, curiosity arises about their relationship, sparking speculation about his marriage.

Therefore, online searches for information about Tim Dillon wife have experienced a significant surge.

Is Tim Dillon Wife Anna Khachiyan: Are They Married Or Engaged?

The Instagram post from Tim Dillon featuring Anna Khachiyan included a caption that sparked intrigue and speculation.

The caption states,

“Just got married. Homosexuality was a phase.”

Tim Dillon and Anna
At the age of 13, Dillon actively started using drugs and alcohol. (Source: Instagram)

The caption left numerous individuals puzzled, raising questions about whether Anna Khachiyan is Tim Dillon wife.

Contrary to rumors, they are not married or engaged; Dillon, being gay, dispels any misconceptions.

Further disproving the rumor, Khachiyan is in a relationship with percussionist and visual artist Eli Keszler, with whom she has a son.

Anna is a Russian-American cultural critic, writer, and co-host of the Red Scare podcast.

Moreover, Dillon openly explores his journey as a gay individual across various shows and social media discussions.

Tim in fur coat
Dillon does not support either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, Dillon has not publicly revealed specifics about his romantic partner or personal love life.

Further, he denies romantic involvement with colleagues, emphasizing his single status and being fully committed to his career.

Despite this, the media has linked his name to various individuals, falsely labeling them as Tim Dillon wife.

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Dillon’s Disinterest In Marriage: Unconventional Approach To Commitment

In numerous interviews, Tim Dillon has mentioned his lack of interest in marriage in the near future.

He affirms contentment with his single status and emphasizes the significance of preserving his independence.

Tim Dillon in sunglass and cap
A single mother raised Tim Dillon, as his parents divorced when he was young. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Dillon stands resolute in prioritizing his connection with his parents over others and dismisses the idea of marriage.

His career and freedom are paramount, and he refuses to make concessions for anyone.

In a particular interview, he articulates his perspective,

“I am content alone and on a self-discovery journey. I don’t want to get married. I don’t believe in marriage. I don’t want to be tied down by anyone. I want to be free and do what I love. I don’t want to leave my parents for anyone. They are my world. I don’t need anyone else in my life.”

Tim in purple t-shirt
Tim Dillon does not have a wife, as he is gay. (Source: Instagram)

This interview directly emphasizes his current disinterest in marriage, solidifying his stance.

He consistently expresses satisfaction with his single life, prioritizes his comedy career, and values close family ties.

Further, Dillon inspires individuals aspiring to follow their dreams independently, unbound by societal norms.

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