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Timothy Bliefnick Wikipedia: Life Sentence For Wife Becky Bliefnick Murder

The Family Feud contestant Timothy Bliefnick committed horrifying crimes against his wife, which has prompted many to look for his details through a Wikipedia page in hopes of learning more about the tragic incident.

Timothy Bliefnick gained prominence for committing unimaginable acts in Illinois, leaving an irreparable mark on his family.

He was responsible for the home invasion and murder of his estranged wife, Becky Bliefnick.

Before plotting the heinous crime, Timothy appeared on an episode of Family Feud and joked about his married life.

Moreover, he claimed that his wife was the biggest mistake in his life, which was taken lightly.

Now, the statement seems to reflect the true motives and thoughts of the convict, which drove him to kill his wife.

Further, people are keen to learn more about this case and the Wikipedia of Timothy Bliefnick.

Timothy Bliefnick Wikipedia: Early Life And Background

The police reports provide few details about Timothy Bliefnick, which makes up for his missing Wikipedia.

Timothy Bliefnick was born on June 1, 1983, in a simple household with hard-working parents.

Further, his father, Ray Bliefnick, was a retired sales consultant, but details about his mother remain unknown.

Timothy Bliefnick on Family Feud
Timothy used a handgun to kill his wife. (Source: Twitter)

As for his educational background, Timothy attended Quincy University and received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Additionally, he was a star football player in his college and even won a Hall of Fame for his excellent performance.

After departing from college, the convict worked as a general manager at Quincy Recycle’s South Sixth recycling plant.

Similarly, Timothy had built a successful lifestyle and decided to marry Becky Bliefnick around 2009.

Shortly after their nuptials, the pair welcomed their three children into their happy family.

However, such happiness did not last long as Becky filed for a divorce on charges of neglect and domestic abuse.

During their decade-long relationship, she filed several restraining orders against Timothy.

Timothy Bliefnick with long hair
Timothy did not want the custody of his children after his divorce. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, Becky asked the court to prevent her husband from entering the marital home without permission.

Meanwhile, a complaint against Timothy’s father for the protection of her children was also filed.

Despite their split, the couple lived a few miles apart, which posed a threat to Becky’s life.

As the story of Timothy Bliefnick and his crime unfolds, the search for his Wikipedia increases.

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Where Is The Convict Now? Life Sentence For Wife Becky Bliefnick’s Murder

The bullet-ridden body of Becky Bliefnick was discovered in her Illinois home after she failed to pick up her children from school.

Further, investigations revealed that she had been shot 14 times with a handgun.

Due to their ongoing divorce proceedings, the initial suspicion led the authorities to her husband, Timothy.

Wife of Timothy Bliefnick smiling
Becky worked in the health sector as a registered nurse. (Source: Twitter)

However, the convict maintained his innocence and claimed that he had no part in the horrible incident.

Police saw right through his lies as they reviewed records of Timothy’s phone and laptop, which indicated Google searches for ways to invade a home.

Moreover, he looked for instructions to pick locks, clean gunshot residue, and open doors with a crowbar.

The murder case made national news, resulting in quick searches for the Wikipedia of Timothy Bliefnick.

Additionally, Becky’s family broke their silence and recalled several warnings in her marriage.

Testimonies collectively painted a picture of Becky as the victim of verbal and emotional abuse from her husband.

Timothy with his wife and sons
The children now live with Becky’s parents in Illinois. (Source: Twitter)

After several court hearings, authorities sentenced Timothy to life in prison on charges of first-degree murder.

Further, the 40-year-old was at the Adams County Jail before transferring to the state prison.

Meanwhile, Becky’s family gave a victim impact statement at Timothy’s sentencing before Judge Robert Adrian.

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