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Is Todd Gurley Gay? Talk About Gender And Sexuality After Retirement

There’s a rumor going around that Todd Gurley might be gay, but is that really the truth? Find that out further down the article.

Todd Jerome Gurley II, born on August 3, 1994, is a former American football running back who had a six-season career in the National Football League, primarily with the Los Angeles Rams.

He had an impressive debut season, rushing for over 1,000 yards and winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Between 2017 and 2018, he twice led the league in rushing touchdowns and earned the title of AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year in the former year.

Additionally, he received three Pro Bowl invitations and two first-team All-Pro selections.

He played for the Atlanta Falcons in 2020 and decided to retire in 2022 after a year in free agency.

Since then, a peculiar rumor has been going around that Todd Gurley might be gay.

Is Todd Gurley Gay? Talk About Gender And Sexuality After Retirement

Regarding the rumor of Todd Gurley being gay, it cannot be exactly confirmed yet.

Todd Gurley hasn’t come out regarding his sexual identity, nor has anyone around him addressed the rumor.

So, the information regarding the sexual orientation of Todd Gurley hasn’t been disclosed to the public yet.

However, it’s likely that Todd Gurley isn’t gay and is a straight guy.

Todd Gurley in a photoshoot
Todd Gurley is a multi times NFC Offensive Player of the Month (Source: Instagram)

Even though he is a private person and hasn’t shared much about his relationships and dating life, there was once a rumor saying that he was dating a successful woman named Olivia Davison.

So, it further supports the statement that Todd is into women and not a gay person.

But there’s also a possibility that he might come out as a gay or bisexual person.

Considering that many celebrities and athletes alike have been coming out regarding their sexuality, it might not be surprising if Todd Gurley also comes out in the future.

Since it’s a sensitive topic, that might happen or might not happen.

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Todd Gurley’s Past Relationship Further Disapprove The Rumors

Todd Gurley is quite private and hasn’t said much about his dating life.

But sources say that he had a relationship with a woman named Olivia Davison.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet how and when their relationship started, but there are rumors that they were together for years.

Olivia Davison appears to be an entrepreneur and a successful one at that. She is the owner and stylist of Livlively Salon and Boutique.

Todd Gurley former girlfriend Olivia Davison
Todd Gurley’s previous girlfriend, Olivia Davison, is in a new relationship (Source: Instagram)

It seems to be a Bozeman Salon and a place for hair extensions and lashes. They also have a website to book an appointment or look around.

However, Todd and Olivia are no longer together.

According to her Instagram account, she appears to be in a relationship with Zach Snyder, an entrepreneur.

Per his Insta bio, he is the CEO of Snyder Motors Inc. and Z & S Investments.

Getting back to Todd, apart from Olivia, he hasn’t made his other relationships public yet.

It’s possible that he is keeping his current partner private, or he might not be in any other relationship as well.

But considering that he is almost 30 years old, it’s probable that he is just keeping his partner private.

What is known is that Todd Gurley isn’t married yet, so he might be looking for a lifelong partner.

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