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Is Toie Roberts Pregnant At 14? Rick Ross Daughter 2024

As speculations of Rick Ross Daughter, Toie Roberts pregnancy at the age of 14 take a huge turn, many fans strive to check out the matter with rapid curiosity. So, was Toie Roberts Pregnant at 14? Let us investigate the reality.

Toie Roberts is an American entrepreneur and social media personality.

She is best known for her connections to the music industry through her father Ross, an American record executive, rapper, and former athlete.

Moreover, she earned a significant following on her @mmg_princess Instagram account before it was deactivated.

Despite maintaining a private Instagram profile, her life has been a subject of speculation and interest.

Even though Toie’s personal life is still rather secretive, people are aware that she is a member of the Rick Ross family.

Toie Roberts’ occasional media presence has generated interest, prompting a comprehensive exploration of her pregnancy journey.

Is Toie Roberts Pregnant At 14? Unfolding The Truth Of Rick Ross’s Daughter

As the rumors of Toie Roberts being pregnant at 14 news circulate widely, many point out some crucial terms of truth.

No, Toie Roberts was not pregnant at 14, she gave birth to a baby boy in 2022.

Well, the rumors started as Toie Roberts and one of Rick’s ex-partners, Tia Kemp, went back and forth with each other on Instagram.

Toie looking gorgeous with curly hair.
She also had a controversy with her father’s Ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp. (Source: Twitter)

Even though Tia is not the primary woman in the rapper’s life anymore, she continues to create issues within his family.

Tia Kemp alleges that Toie Roberts, Rick Ross’ daughter, underwent an abortion at the age of 14, according to claims.

Hence, we can not jump to conclusions about only rumors without evidence and clear knowledge.

Over the years, she has been criticizing Rick and all of his baby mamas and children over child support and custody issues.

Further, Tia alleged Rick Ross funded Toie’s abortion, claiming Toie’s mother, Lastonia Leviston, was unaware of the arrangement.

Toie Roberts with her father Rick Ross at an event.
Toie’s mother’s name is Lastonia Leviston who got divorced from Rick. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, on Instagram Live, Tia claimed to have evidence to back up her claims and intended to expose Ross and his family.

However, concrete evidence was a lie for her assertion that Toie became pregnant at 14, raising doubts about credibility.

Nevertheless, Rick stayed silent on Tia Kemp’s allegations, briefly unfollowing Toie on Instagram, sparking speculation and interest.

Eventually, as of 2024, again the rumors of Toie Roberts being pregnant have been a fresh topic of discussion to many.

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Exploring The Rumors Of Toie Roberts Again Pregnant In 2024

Pregnancy rumors can spread quickly due to conjecture, so it’s essential to confirm the information with trustworthy sources.

So is Toie Roberts again Pregnant in 2024 or is it just a sudden weight gain? Let us find out the truth about Rick Ross’s daughter.

Rick Ross daughter, Toie Roberts, had a baby boy in June 2022 and is not currently expecting a baby.

Therefore, there is no credible evidence that Toie Roberts will be pregnant again in 2024.

Many fans also believe that her change in body structure is the cause of her weight gain denying pregnancy.

Toie Roberts pregnancy back in 2022.
Toie has shut down her previous pregnancy rumors back in 2019. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, the truth might differ, but it’s essential to refrain from concluding without concrete evidence.

Eventually, in September, Toie showed off her flat belly on Instagram, shutting down rumors that she was pregnant.

She even took to social media in a post obtained by The Jasmine Brand to write,

I’m not even pregnant and my child still richer than u…u lose.

Celebrities and prominent personalities frequently face intense scrutiny, and rumors have a swift way of spreading.

It’s crucial to safeguard their privacy and depend solely on confirmed information from reliable sources.

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