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Is The House Speaker Candidate Tom Emmer MAGA And Conservative?

A leading voice in the U.S. House of Representatives, Tom Emmer has navigated his way through diverse terrains. However, the question that arises at the moment is whether Tom Emmer is a MAGA supporter.

Tom Emmer is a renowned Congressman who is from the Republican Party. Initially a lawyer, he ventured into politics soon after his career in law.

He was sworn in for his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives in January 2015. As of now, he is serving his fifth term.

Born in 1961 and grew up in Minnesota, Tom attended St. Thomas Academy and received his B.A. in Political Science.

Later, to pursue his career in the field of law, he received his J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law.

Eventually, he also went on to practice law for several years and went on to open his law firm, too.

But the American attorney has people curious to know if Tom Emmer believes in the idea of Maga.

Is The House Speaker Candidate Tom Emmer MAGA And Conservative?

Tom Emmer was with city councils in Independence and Delano even before he joined Congress.

This initial about with light politics made it clear to him that after his venture with the law ended, he would go toward politics.

Before joining Congress, Tom Emmer was in the Minnesota House of Representatives. He served there from 2004 till 2008.

Subsequently, he went on to join Congress, with his first term being in 2015.

He also went on to serve as the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee for the 116th and 117th Congress.

Tom Emmer is a Republican, and due to this, his alignment is with Donald Trump and indirectly with MAGA.

Tom Emmer has people questioning about his support for MAGA
Tom Emmer is a former Division I hockey player from the University of Alaska. (Source: Instagram)

Being a Republican, Tom Emmer is a conservative, as is the Republican party’s ideology. Hence, Tom Emmer has always been a supporter of Donald Trump and his idea of MAGA.

Recently, he has come into the news for withdrawing his bid for the speakership despite being the House majority whip.

Tom Emmer has regularly been accused of trying to appeal Donald Trump and his MAGA rally.

In his public interviews as well, Tom Emmer has refused to say that Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

Many believe that Tom Emmer is on the side who believes that the election was rigged against Donald Trump.

However, since he is a Republican, Tom Emmer is always going to side with Donald Trump and the party’s MAGA views.

MAGA is Donald Trump’s idea of Make America Great Again, and it was Donald Trump’s primary motto during his 2016 election run.

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Tom Emmer’s Personal Life, Background And Controversies

Tom Emmer, as of now, is 62 years old and was born in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana. He has a background of education in political science and law.

Due to his educational background, he was sure to come into the field of politics sooner or later.

Tom Emmer has been married to Jaqueline Emmer since 1986, meaning they have been together for 37 years.

The Emmer couple have seven children together.

This blissful relationship is something that many of Tom Emmer’s supporters love him for.

Tom with his wife Jacquie on their wedding day
Tom Emmer is one of only two GOP candidates for a speaker who voted to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. (Source: Instagram)

As in politics, having a clear image along with a happy family is rather vital for the politician’s path ahead.

Tom Emmer’s support for MAGA rallies and Donald Trump has always come into question. However, his name resonates with some major controversies as well.

In October 2020, people were accusing Tom of having interaction with people who potentially had coronavirus.

Subsequently, he traveled on a Delta Air flight that could have opened up others to the risk of the virus, too.

On another occasion, Tom Emmer has also been linked with sex trafficker Anton Lazzaro. Apparently, Emmer had received a $16,500 donation from Lazzaro.

Later, Tom stated that he would donate all of this to charity. This came into light when Minnesota Republican Party chair Jennifer Carnahan resigned over her ties to Lazzaro.

Further, Tom Emmer’s ideology of MAGA, anti-abortion, and immigration have linked him with opposition.

But despite this, Tom Emmer has not changed any of his views and stays firm beside them.

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