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Tonesa Welch Sons Wikipedia: Corey, Marlon, and Jason

Tonesa Welch and her sons, besides being involved in crime and drugs, have recovered greatly and shared her story with the world, making a positive impact on her fans.

Tonesa Welch is The First Lady of the Black Mafia family, an organization controlling major drug distribution in the United States.

She was the girlfriend of Demetrius Flenory, who was involved in drug dealing and money laundering.

However, in order to change her past image, she has acted in the movie First Lady Of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story.

The story revolves around Tonesa being strong, wanting to make up for past mistakes, and working hard to change.

Her life in the film shows that people can move on from their past and look for a better future.

Tonesa Welch Sons Wikipedia: Corey, Marlon, And Jason

The movie based on Tonesa’s life, directed by Vivica A. Fox, is a significant milestone for both Tonesa and Fox.

The movie premiered by BET+ in October 2023, which shows Tonesa’s strong determination and hard work.

It is making a positive concept regarding Tonesa’s life, catching her challenges and transformation.

On the other side, exploring Tonesa Welch sons and their Wikipedia, she has three sons: Corey, Marlon, and Jason.

Corey Mill with her mother
Corey manages the Black Mafia Family Franchise. (Source: Instagram)

Corey was born on August 11, 1989, and is not a biological son of Southwest T.

Holard Corey Mills, as the name suggests, is the son of Tonesa Welch and her ex-husband, Harold Mills.

Although Harold is his dad, he has been with Terry since the day he was born.

Jason Welch
Tonesa Welch’s son, Jason Welch, committed suicide on July 10, 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Her elder son Jason Welch, full name Jason Laroyce Welch, was born on September 19, 1985, to Tonesa and Terry.

He was her only son who knew his responsibilities to his family and siblings.

Jason Welch was only 38 when her mother lost his son because of suicide at his residence.

The news came up in July of 2023 when the media reported Jason Welch death.

Marlon Welch
Marlon Welch Marlon was charged with conspiracy to distribute 5 or more kilograms of cocaine. (Source: Instagram)

In Southwest T’s interview, he admitted that Marlon Welch, Jr., isn’t really his own child.

However, Marlon was the son of Tonesa Welch ex-boyfriend, Marlon Sr.

Furthermore, he added that Marlon got involved with a group called BMF.

Right after Marlon got in trouble with a plan to distribute cocaine, Tonesa decided to break up with Southwest T.

Tonesa had to spend about 5 years in prison because of her involvement with BMF.

Where Is Tonesa Welch Now? Latest Whereabouts

As of 2023, Tonesa Welch is leading a respectful and professional career currently.

She has been involved in different brands as an executive producer, Brand influencer, and DMV advocate.

Tonesa Welch life took a big turn while she was in imprisonment.

While she had very tough times behind bars, she was curious about her life and the improvements she needed.

Before accepting the rules of a better life, she had to overcome her bad days and forget about her drug addiction.

While in prison, she began to get busy with the works of Chapel, which made her feel more spiritual and close to god.

Tonesa Welch on show
Tonesa served about 5 years in prison for her role in BMF. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, when she was released from her punishment in 2012, she decided to begin a new life, leaving her past.

She created the Silent Heart Foundation, a nonprofit community that helps women in prison with children and supports teens who are at risk.

Although, she was very passionate about women’s rights and helping people to turn their lives to a respectful end.

She mentors these people and helps them to create resumes and learn about law and enforcement.

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