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Travis Bagent Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Best Arm Wrestler?

With his son breaking NFL records, netizens are now more curious than ever about Travis Bagent Wikipedia.

Travis Bagent learned the importance of hard work and endurance very early due to a childhood full of problems and suffering.

Bagent grew up in a house with no running water in a remote region of America.

Daily hardship pushed him towards finding employment at a very young age.

He started working at the age of 15, and since then, he has become better and better every day.

Nowadays, his life principle can be best seen in his son Tyson Bagent, which is why people are searching for the Travis Bagent Wikipedia handle.

Travis Bagent Wikipedia: Who Is He?

Travis was born on March 10, 1976, in Charles Town, West Virginia. He is a professional arm wrestler, now 47 years old.

Initially, he started competing in the sport at the age of 15. His dad highly influenced Travis.

Travis and his son Tyson eating lunch.
Travis Bagent is also a football coach. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up, his dad, Rusty Bagent, used to compete in pro-arm wrestling events. This sparked an interest in the game in young Travis Bagent.

His family’s financial situation and his passion for the game led him directly towards the competition.

Initially, Bagent was a rookie player, and he started by challenging his elder brothers. He lost many of his initial games, but eventually, with time, he prevailed.

His secret to victory was never just his strength. Instead, it was his clever techniques and consistent training.

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Tyson Bagent: Early Career And Legacy!

Bagent started his pro-arm wrestling journey in 1997; his specialty was the ability to wrestle with both hands.

He is the only male fighter in the super heavyweight division who has won the world championship using both his left and right hands.

Travis fighing Devon in ArmsWar, Bagent Wikipedia
Mr. Bagent weighs around 265 pounds or 120 Kilos (Source: YouTube)

Bagent won his first World Arm-Wrestling Championship in 2003 for the men’s right hand 110+ kg category.

According to his website, he is a 17-time world champion and has also won 35 national titles in the sport.

Notably, he has won the “Ironman Arm Wrestling Championship” three times, cementing his legacy as a legend of the sport.

Nowadays, he is best remembered for his strong physical and mental strength.

His distinct technique, mixed with trash-talking against his competitors, is his signature.

Similar to MMA fighting events, trash-talking is a behavior showcased by fighters towards one another to create hype for their upcoming event.

Verbally, he is perceived to be a cocky talker, but he claims that his way of speaking motivates him to improve more every day.

The father son duo training session.
Travis has a YouTube channel named “Travis Bagent Unfiltered.”

Whenever he is not fighting, he organizes the game and even takes part in a commentary. He is also a television personality.

Apparently, he has worked in numerous movies and TV shows like Game of Arms over the years. He also appeared on the David Letterman show.

A Peek At Travis Bagnet’s Family Of Champions!

Travis Bagent lives with his family in West Virginia. His family consists of six members.

He has two sons, Tyson and Erza, and two daughters, Diem and Valyn. His wife’s name is Casey.

Bagent Family picture
Travis has been featured on ESPN numerous times. (Source: Instagram)

Tyson Bagent is now the up-and-coming member of the family, as he is playing football at the national level.

Unlike his dad, Travis, Tyson Bagent already has a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

Currently, Tyson is playing for the Chicago Bears in the NFL as a quarterback.

In December 2022, he set a new record for touchdown passes across all NCAA divisions.

Travis Bagent never had a dedicated Wikipedia page, but it seems like people are taking notice of him because of his young son.

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