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Who Is Jordan Clark, Trevor Tordjman Wife? Wedding & Family

Dancer and Entertainer Trevor Tordjman has finally taken the step and proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Jordan Clark, to be his wife.

Trevor Flanagan-Tordjman is a multi-talented Canadian performer known for dancing, choreography, singing, and acting.

He has captured the hearts of many through his work in the entertainment industry.

Trevor Flanagan-Tordjman began his journey in dance at the young age of four.

Now, Trever is in the news regarding his engagement with long-time girlfriend Jordan Clark.

Trevor Tordjman Wife: Who Is Jordan Clark?

The love story of Jordan Clark and Trevor Tordjman is really interesting.

They first met in 2013 while working on a TV show called The Next Step. Jordan was in 97 episodes, and Trevor was in 126.

Their on-screen chemistry eventually turned into a real-life romance in 2018.

They did have some challenges along the way and even had a short breakup at one point, but their love eventually won.

Trevor Tordjman Wife
How lucky is it to share the same passion as your partner? (Source: Instagram)

In a happy surprise on January 30, 2022, Trevor shared on his official Instagram account that he and Jordan got engaged, and she will soon be Trevor Tordjman Wife.

People were excited and sent them good wishes, including their fans and other entertainers.

As they start this new part of their lives together, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this talented and charming couple.

Trevor Tordjman, soon to be  Wife Jordan Clark, grew up in Tottenham, Ontario.

She loved moving and being active from a very young age.

Her journey into dancing began when her mother signed her up for a dance school, where she started with acrobatics.

Young Jordan’s Dance Journey: From Determined Beginner to Winner

Even when she was a child, Jordan was really committed to dancing.

She even tried out for The National Ballet of Canada and got accepted into their summer program.

At first, she wasn’t seen as a very skilled dancer, but she kept working hard, which ultimately paid off.

Trevor is a lucky guy to have such a beautiful Fiancé. (Source: Instagram)

When she turned 18, Jordan decided to take a chance and try out for the fourth season of the popular dance competition series So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

She won the show with her amazing talent.

One of her standout performances was a memorable jazz duet to Rihanna’s Skin.

She did this with her partner, Christian Millette, which left a big impression on the judges and viewers.

After her success on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Jordan showed she could do many different things as an artist.

In 2016, she made a special appearance on the Canadian TV series Private Eyes, where she played the dancer role.

Her talent on screen and her likeable personality made her even more of a presence in the entertainment world.

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Fans Eagerly Wait: Wedding & Family

As Trevor Tordjman keeps doing well in his career, his fans are looking forward to what he’ll do next, not just in his work but also in his personal life.

Trevor and Jordan’s engagement brought a lot of happiness to their fans and families.

They now soon want to see Jordan turned into Trevor Tordjman wife.

Trevor engaged.
Fans shower the couple with wishes as they share their engagement pics. (Source: Instagram)

People have been excitedly waiting to hear about their wedding plans.

And can’t wait to see this lively couple begin the next part of their journey together.

Additionally, many are curious about Trevor and Jordan’s future family plans.

People are wondering if there will be little dancers and entertainers in the Tordjman-Clark family.

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