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Is Valerie Jarrett Jewish? The Former Senior Advisor Ethnicity And Religion

Lately, people are getting curious about the former Senior Advisor who gained recognition in the United States despite her reserved nature. This has led to a common question: Is Valerie Jarrett Jewish?

Valerie Jarrett is a well-known American businesswoman, CEO, lawyer, and politician.

Since the late 1980s, Valerie has been involved in various local and national political roles.

Before her current position, she was a top adviser to President Obama, serving as Senior Adviser.

Moreover, she has also worked as an Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs from 2009 to 2017.

Later, in October 2021, she became the CEO of the Obama Foundation.

Despite her reserved personality, she achieved fame across the United States.

However, she has not publicly revealed her specific religious affiliation or beliefs.

Some people have speculated about Valerie Jarrett being Jewish. So, let’s find out what her religion actually is.

Is Valerie Jarret Actually Jewish? 

Many people are quite curious about Valerie Jarrett because she has chosen to keep her personal beliefs and background a secret.

Additionally, this has led to a lot of speculation and interest in her life story and views.

In 2011, during a gathering of Jewish people, Valerie Jarrett revealed her Jewish ancestry.

During this event, she shared a story from her childhood about the first Passover seder she attended.

This was a significant moment as it shed light on her family history.

Valerie Jarret back of podium smiling
Valerie was born in a country with an Islamic background, Iran (Source: Instagram)

Other than that, the reason why people believe Valerie Jarrett is Jewish is her great-grandfather. 

Valerie’s father brought up the fact that her great-grandfather, Robert Robinson Taylor, was Jewish.

Her maternal grandfather, Robert Rochon Taylor, held a major position as the head of the Chicago Housing Authority during the 1940s.

Moreover, it is confirmed that Valerie Jarrett is part Jewish. However, Valerie Jarrett has not publicly disclosed her specific religious beliefs.

Hence, it remains a mystery whether her faith aligns with Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any other religion.

The public still doesn’t officially know her religious beliefs.

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Valerie Jarret Ethnicity And Family Details

Although people may not be sure about Valerie Jarrett’s religion, there’s more certainty about her ethnicity.

Valerie Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran, during the time of the Shah’s rule. Her parents, James E. Bowman and Barbara T. Bowman, were American.

Moreover, Valerie is a well-known lawyer and politician with a mixed heritage. Her heritage includes European and African-American ancestry.

Additionally, her DNA test was done in the TV show Finding Your Roots. They confirmed Jarrett’s ethnicity.

Valerie Jarrett Jewish grandfather Robert R Taylor black and white side profile photo
Valerie’s great-grandfather was the first accredited African-American architect (Source: Facebook)

As per the DNA, Jarrett’s background is 49% European, 46% African, and 5% Native American.

Furthermore, among her European roots, she has French and Scottish ancestry.

To the record, Jarrett is not the first in her family to make history. Each family member is known for their specific work.

Her father, who worked as a pathologist and geneticist, had a job at a hospital in Shiraz back in 1956.

Additionally, her mother played a significant role in founding the Erikson Institute in 1966. They created this institute to gather knowledge about child development.

Valerie mother, father and daughter
Valerie wished her later father a Happy Father’s Day (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, it provided valuable resources for teachers and professionals dedicated to fostering the growth of young children.

Further, Valerie’s daughter is now a senior legal correspondent at NBC and Saturday Today co-anchor. Soon, she is expected to become an attorney and reporter for CNN.

Hence, every family member has been giving something to society and making history.

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