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Vivek Saini Georgia Video: Why Did Julian Faulkner Hammered Him?

Currently, a video depicting the fatal beating of Vivek Saini in Georgia has ignited significant online outrage, raising curiosity about the incident and causing widespread disturbance. What exactly happened to Vivek Saini?

On January 16, 2024, MBA student Vivek Saini from India was fatally attacked by a homeless man in Lithonia, Georgia, per NDTV.

A homeless man repeatedly struck 25-year-old Indian student Vivek Saini with a hammer in a brutal attack.

The gruesome incident occurred at a convenience store in Georgia.

An initial surveillance camera captured and later revealed the disturbing footage of the incident, which emerged online.

Almost two weeks later, the shocking incident has gained traction online, eliciting widespread shock and disbelief.

Further, @CGI_Atlanta, the official Consulate General of India in Atlanta, labeled Vivek Saini’s murder as terrifying, brutal, and heinous in response.

Thus, the Georgia video has sparked various perspectives and speculations, prompting many to seek details and information about Vivek Saini.

Vivek Saini Video: Everything To Know About The Georgia Victim 

Outlashing of the Georgia video this week, the victim Vivek Saini has been the target of searches all over social media.

So, who is Vivek Saini, the victim of the Georgia incident? Let us find out in this article. 

Vivek Saini hails from Bhagwanpur village in Panchkula, Haryana.

Gurjeet Singh and Lalita Saini are Vivek Saini’s parents, who constantly supported him in his upcoming.

He had recently secured his Master’s in Business Administration and was looking for good job opportunities.

Vivek Saini at his hometown Haryana, India.
Vivek frequently provided food and clothes for the homeless man Julian. (Source: IndiaToday)

The 25-year-old student, Vivek, moved to the United States two years ago after completing a B Tech.

Vivek Saini worked part-time as a clerk at the convenience store in Lithona, where he provided shelter to the homeless.

Unfortunately, the homeless man devastatingly murdered Vivek, as revealed by the leaked CCTV video.

Hence, Vivek’s tragic death has left his family devastated and struggling to cope with the profound loss.

Thus, family members are currently unable to discuss the specifics of the incident, so further details about Vivek are unknown.

Meanwhile, the viral Georgia video on social media sparks outrage and curiosity, drawing attention to the motive behind the homeless man’s murder.

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Why Did Julian Faulkner Hammer Vivek Saini In Georgia As Per The Video?

The homeless man, identified as Julian Faulkner, a drug addict, ruthlessly attacked Vivek Saini, a part-time convenience store worker.

Tragically, on January 16, Vivek faced distress when he declined to give the homeless man free food.

As per sources, Vivek warned the homeless man Julian to leave the premises and told him to call the cops on him.

During this confrontation, the drug addict hammered him to death after hitting him mercilessly nearly 50 times.

This incident occurred at the Chevron Food Mart at the Snapfinger and Cleveland Road intersection in Lithonia City, Georgia.

The CCTV footage of Vivek hammered to death in a store.
Vivek was hammered almost 50 times by the drug addict homeless man.

Despite Vivek’s extensive kindness, offering Julian food and a warm jacket, the accused responded with extreme violence.

Further, upon police arrival, Julian was discovered standing over Vivek’s injured body, holding a hammer in his hand.

Julian complied with police orders to drop the weapon, leading to his arrest; he had two knives and an additional hammer.

Nevertheless, the news outlet reported the deadly assault occurred right before Vivek Saini’s departure to his U.S. residence.

The CCTV footage of the chilling incident has gone viral online and triggered mass outrage initially on X and then circulated all over the internet.

While some demand justice for Vivek Saini, others call for protests from the Indian community in the USA.

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