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Vivienne Marie Wikipedia, Obituary: Who Is The Girl On Chicago Fire S12?

Chicago Fire honored Vivienne Marie at the end of the January 31 episode with a message “In memory of Vivienne Marie,” sparking searches for her Wikipedia. Let’s get into the details!

Vivienne Marie contributed to the show as a longtime crew member and standby painter.

Tragically, she passed away in early January, leaving a void in the Chicago Fire crew.

Chicago Fire has recently paid tribute to two individuals associated with the show. Following the January 24 episode, the series honored Dale Hay.

During the conclusion of Chicago Fire season 12, episode 3 on NBC, the series honored the late Vivienne Marie.

Upon reading the brief message “In memory of Vivienne Marie” to Chicago Fire fans, curiosity arose, leading them to search for her on Wikipedia.

Vivienne Marie Wikipedia, Obituary: Who Is The Girl On Chicago Fire S12?

Vivienne Marie, honored with “In memory of” on Chicago Fire, doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Nevertheless, there are details in memory of Vivienne Marie from the Chicago Fire that could be incorporated into her Wikipedia page.

Regrettably, there is limited information accessible regarding Vivienne Marie.

Vivienne Marie with her dog
Vivienne Marie, dedicated to the Chicago Fire season 12 episode, has no Wikipedia page. (Source: Facebook)

As a Chicago-based artist and painter, she was a dedicated longtime crew member of The Chicago Fire. She also served as a standby painter.

The artist’s preferred subjects include circus sideshows, outdated mechanical objects, and nostalgic souvenirs from past eras.

While limited information exists about her, she has expressed her love for animals in her Instagram bio.

Unfortunately, Vivienne passed away in early January, prompting the show to pay tribute to her contributions on January 31.

Vivienne's dogs
Vivienne was an incredibly talented artist and painter based near Chicago. (Source: Instagram)

The show’s tribute to a behind-the-scenes contributor is a kind acknowledgment of their role in the success of this highly-watched drama.

With 12 seasons completed, the close camaraderie among the Chicago Fire cast and crew is quite evident.

However, the recent episode of Chicago Fire, honoring Vivienne, has sparked increased interest among viewers to discover more about her.

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Artistic Legacy And Contributions: Vivienne’s Works And Passion For Animals

While pursuing a biology major, Vivienne Marie sought a creative outlet by enrolling in a theater stagecraft class.

Vivienne has showcased her work at various local venues, including The Harold Washington Library, the Chicago Cultural Center, and the Bridgeport Arts Center.

Vivienne Marie mammoth piece
Vivienne Marie displayed her passion for animals using her talent and love for art. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, her artwork has been showcased nationally at notable locations such as Washington DC’s Art Enables and Los Angeles’ Venice Beach Freak Show.

In 2016, she was part of K-Fest in Killorglin, where the town transformed abandoned spaces into lively art venues.

Later, in 2017, Vivienne spent a month as a resident at NES in Skagastrond, Iceland, recommending its inspiring beauty.

As a union scenic painter, Vivienne Marie worked across film, television, opera, theater, museum, and commercial spaces.

Additionally, she expressed her love for animals through her art, showcasing numerous paintings of various species on her website.

Vivienne's artwork penguin
As of now, nobody has revealed the cause of her passing. (Source: Instagram)

Her infrequent personal posts contrast with her consistent sharing of work and dogs, illustrating her profound love for both aspects of her life.

Vivienne Marie is no longer with us, but her artistic legacy will endure, ensuring that her work remains a lasting presence.

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