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Vjeran Tomic Wikipedia Age: How Old Is Real Life Spider Man Of Paris?

Vjeran Tomic may not have a dedicated Wikipedia, but he has left a mark as a famous art thief. But what is it that he has done to gain this notoriety?

One of Netflix’s latest documentaries, titled The Spider-Man of Paris, is about the Vjeran Tomic.

He was a notorious art thief who carried out one of the most daring and successful heists in French history.

Tomic was popular for his athleticism and climbing skills. He was also a meticulous planner, carefully casing his targets before carrying out his robberies.

Further, this documentary features Vjeran Tomic himself narrating how he conducted the unimaginable and risky feat.

Vjeran Tomic did this feat in 2010 when he broke into the Paris Museum of Modern Art and managed to steal various valuable paintings.

The museum later reported the theft of five paintings from its esteemed collection.

After the robbery, Vjeran Tomic is also famous as the modern-day Robin Hood.

And people want to learn more about the personal life of Vjeran Tomic through his Wikipedia.

Vjeran Tomic Wikipedia Age: How Old Is Real Life Spider Man Of Paris?

After the Netflix documentary, the search for the private life of Vjeran Tomic via Wikipedia is through the roof.

This is quite understandable, as people who previously were not even aware of Vjeran Tomic are now aware of him.

However, Vjeran Tomic, who is now 55, is mentioned in another Wikipedia article titled Art Theft.

In this article, he is mentioned as one of the art thieves who conducted famous cases of art theft.

Vjeran Tomic Wikipedia has become a topic of discussion for many
Vjeran Tomic, at the age of ten, scaled a building of a library and broke in to steal two books.

Through this page itself, we get to know that Vjeran Tomic does not have a dedicated page in Wikipedia.

Naturally, they would love to know more about Vjeran Tomic’s personal life and past through Wikipedia or Google searches.

Regardless of Vjeran Tomic not having Wikipedia, though, information regarding his private life is on other websites.

Born in Paris in 1968, Tomic had a troubled childhood marked by poverty and neglect.

Vjeran Tomic had a traumatic young life as he was living with his grandmother in Bosnia. This was following his mother’s serious illness when he was just one year old.

He began stealing at a young age, and by his teens, he had developed a reputation as a skilled burglar.

He eventually returned to Paris when he was ten years old. However, his early age was full of criminal tendencies.

However, surprisingly, Vjeran Tomic excelled in his school, displaying his remarkable athletic prowess and academic abilities.

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Why Did He Choose The Criminal Side?

Unfortunately, Vjeran Tomic chose the darker side of crime very early. He had immense talent, but this talent went towards robbery and heist.

Vjeran Tomic specifically had a talent for scaling buildings and leaping between rooftops. Along with this, he could also pick locks rather easily.

His initial breakthrough in the world of crime came when he broke into a library in Mostar, Bosnia.

Later, when he came to Paris, he continued that part of him and took it to the next level.

When in Paris, he became particularly fascinated with the robbery of valuables.

A glimpse of Vjeran Tomic from the trailer of Netflix docufilm
Vjeran Tomic had spent time preparing for the art heist by discreetly spraying the window’s mount with acid so they could be easily dismantled later.

Vjeran’s crime spree led him to perform what is now the Heist of the Century.

This heist was the theft conducted by Vjeran Tomic at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris.

On 20 May 2010, Vjeran Tomic broke into the museum and stole five paintings. These paintings were worth over 100 million euros.

Vjeran Tomic was working alone and stole by smashing a window of the museum.

He also carefully removed the paintings from their frames, leaving the frames behind.

To add to the mystery of the theft, even the museum’s alarm system had failed, and staff only noticed the missing paintings in the morning.

Eventually, though, Vjeran Tomic was caught and sentenced to imprisonment at the Centre de Détention de Val-de-Reuil.

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