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Radio Host Wanda Smith Wikipedia, Age: Why Was She Fired?

The firing of radio host Wanda Smith from V-103 Atlanta has aroused the curiosity of internet users, who are eagerly looking for in-depth information about her and actively searching for her Wikipedia page.

Wanda Smith is an accomplished radio host, comedian, actress and female empowerment advocate.

She has made a name for herself as a co-host on the popular radio show Frank and Wanda in the Morning on Atlanta station V-103.

Throughout her career, she has written for Def Comedy Jam and starred in Tyler Perry movies.

But in 2019, Smith’s dismissal from V-103 followed a controversial encounter with fellow comedian Kat Williams, although the exact reasons remain unclear.

Now in her mid-60s, details of Smith’s current activities are unknown.

However, her influence in the media and her commitment to women’s empowerment are not shown.

This has piqued the interest of netizens and are actively searching for the Wikipedia of Wanda Smith.

Wanda Smith Wikipedia And Age

Born on October 11, 1965, Wanda Smith celebrates her 58th birthday today and looks back on her incredible journey in the media industry.

Talking about her education, she completed her bachelor in sociology from the University of North Texas.

Wanda Smith’s diverse career as a radio host, comedian, actor, and advocate for women is a result of her educational background.

Throughout her professional journey, she has made significant achievements and contributions to the entertainment industry.

It is likely that her education has influenced her career path and the causes she supports.

Emerging as a passionate advocate for women’s rights beyond the glamor of the entertainment world, Smith founded Girls Stand Together.

Wanda smith
Smith does not share much on her social media. (Source: Instagram)

Through this foundation, she dedicated her education and empowerment of young girls while demonstrating her strong dedication to social causes.

Smith’s marriage to LaMorris Sellers marked her personal life, which resulted in the blessing of three children – Tavares, Giovanni and Isaiah

Wanda Smith successfully juggles a thriving career, a fulfilling family life, and a determination to make a social impact, making her a multi-faceted individual.

Her contributions left a lasting legacy in the media industry and women’s advocacy.

Consequently, people are more interested in her life and are surfacing the internet to search for Wikipedia of Wanda Smith.

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Controversial Dismissal from V-103

Despite a successful career of over 20 years on V-103, Wanda Smith received an unexpected boost in 2019 when she was suddenly fired.

The details of her resignation are unclear and sparked public speculation and links to a controversial meeting with comedian Kat Williams

The divorce began when Smith made an on-air comment about Williams, which upset Williams.

Tensions rose when the two met in person and had a heated argument.

While the exact impact of the incident on Smith’s suspension is unknown, the timing of it raised suspicions and suggested a possible connection.

Neither Smith nor the V-103 officers explained his departure, leaving the public to gather bits and pieces and speculate on the real cause.

Wanda Smith
Wanda Smith and her husband have three children: Tavares, Giovanni, and Isaiah. (Source: Instagram)

The lack of clear understanding led to speculation, leading to mystery one described the circumstances of Smith’s long residence in a radio station.

In summary, Wanda Smith has made an unforgettable impact through her decades of extensive journalism.

Moreover, her dedication to female empowerment, and her role as a wife and mother of three has also marked an impact.

Smith is still widely admired for breaking barriers and serving as an inspiration to young African-Americans.

Reaching her mid-60s, Smith remains uncertain about what lies ahead in her next endeavor.

As a result, many people are avidly seeking detailed information about Wanda Smith and are actively searching for her Wikipedia.

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