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Where Is Wanetta Gibson Now? Brian Banks False Imprisonment Case

After more than two decades of falsely accusing Brian Banks in a sexual harassment case, Wanetta Gibson is back in the limelight, and now people are curious about her current circumstances.

Wanetta Gibson was an African American woman who came into prominence in 2002.

She gained widespread attention after accusing the former footballer, Brian Banks, of kidnapping and rape.

As a result of this incident, Brian had to spend six long years in prison during his high school years.

Meanwhile, Wanetta also received an award of $1.5 million from the school in the controversial settlement.

However, upon hearing the accusations, they turned out to be false but have left an indelible mark in legal history.

Subsequently, more than two decades after the incident, the case has again come into the limelight.

As a result, many are concerned about where and how the false accuser, Waneta Gibson, is living now.

Where Is Wanetta Gibson Now? The Lady Who Falsely Accused Brian Banks

The current whereabouts of Wanetta remain unknown as she never appeared in public after the incident.

Since her involvement in the false case, she has remained away from the limelight, living a private life.

Following the truth of her false accusation against Brian Banks, she faced some serious legal consequences.

She was also ordered to pay back the money she received from the Long Beach Unified School District.

Wanetta Gibson and Brian's image side by side.
Wanetta Gibson currently lives a private life avoiding public controversies. (Source: Facebook)

The settlement amount of $1.5 million was intended to compensate for the false accusations made against Brian.

Later, after the settlement, Wanetta disappeared from the public eye.

Despite numerous tries to relocate her, there have been no updates or information about her online.

This lack of information has further led people to different speculations concerning her current situation.

And different debates surrounding this speculation have emerged among users on various social media platforms.

Nevertheless, the current situation of Wanetta Gibson remains a mystery for now.

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Details On The Wanetta Gibson And Brian Banks Case

The case initially started during Brian and Wanetta’s high school years.

Wanetta Gibson was a cheerleader at Poly High School, Los Angeles, California, when they met for the first time in 2002.

Further, according to some reports, the two made out during their first meeting in a stairway.

However, no one would have thought that the incident that occurred with Wanetta’s consent would change their lives.

Brian captured with his family after his innocence was proved.
Brian is proven innocent after serving more than 7 years in prison. (Source: Heavy)

Later, after their separation, Wanetta decided to file a case against Brian, accusing him of kidnapping and rape in the school’s stairway.

Following the accusations, a lengthy legal proceeding took place, although no traces were suggesting sexual abuse.

Additionally, Brian also stated that he didn’t have any sexual contact with Wanetta.

Moreover, the case eventually caught national attention, leading to different legal cases against Brian.

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What Happened In The Aftermath Of The Incident?

The case further led to a full-fledged war against Brian and Wanetta’s lawyers.

Despite declaring his innocence, Brian’s lawyer advised him to plead no contest as he feared Brian might end up with 41 years or more upon guilty.

Meanwhile, Brian took his advice, which, as a result, earned him six years in prison sentence.

Upon his release, he remained on probation for 11 years under strict electronic monitoring.

Brian gets emotional after court proves him innocence.
The court decided to remove all the allegations made against Brian. (Source: Huff Post)

In the meantime, Wanetta went ahead and sued the school for failure to protect female students and ended up receiving $1.5 million in settlement.

However, Wanetta’s happiness didn’t last long as Brian’s case reached the head of the California Innocence Project, Justin Brooks.

Later, she took over the case and requested a second trial to prove his innocence.

Further, upon hearing, Brian was found innocent and freed from all the allegations against him.

Following the new judgment, Long Beach Unified School District was awarded $ 2.6 million against Wanetta.

Moreover, to this date, the case serves as a great example of legal error and its impact on the lives of those wrongfully accused.

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