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Wendy Speakes Wikipedia: Mother Of Two Murdered By Christopher Farrow

After Forensics: Catching The Killer portrayed how a psychopath murdered Wendy Speakes, people are searching for her Wikipedia page to find out more about her personal life.

Wendy Speakes, a 51-year-old from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, was a mother of two who led a modest but contented existence.

She used to live in a terraced house and was a regular waitress at a nearby pub.

In the process of earning more income, Wendy also worked on weekends. 

However, the sudden death news has left many curious about Wendy Speakes as they search for her biography on Wikipedia.

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Wendy Speakes Wikipedia: Tragic Death In 1994

People are curious about Wendy Speakes’ terrible demise and are looking for her Wikipedia page to learn more about her life.

However, fans might be saddened that no Wikipedia is dedicated to Wendy Speakes. But we’ve got you covered.

Wendy Speakes was a single mother of two daughters, Tracey and Leah, who loved Wendy for being an honest and hardworking person.

Moreover, she was a creature of habit who had a fixed schedule while working shifts at a pub and waitressing on weekends for additional money.

Following her daily routine, Wendy returned home from work on March 14, 1994, when the life-changing incident occurred.

When the doorbell rang, she went to see who was waiting on her porch.

Wendy Speakes Wikipedia
Wendy Speakes spent a lovely time with her daughter, Tracey Millington. (Source: BBC)

After opening the door, Wendy was dragged inside the residence, where Christopher Farrow brandished a knife and ordered Wendy to wear blue heels.

Likely, he gagged her and tied her hands with stockings before savagely raping and stabbing her to death.

Before committing a sexual assault, the killer placed a pair of her black stiletto heels on a table.

He grabbed a pair of Wendy’s shoes from a cupboard under the stairs as a trophy.

When Wendy did not show up for work, without leaving any notice, her family suspected that something was not good. 

Therefore, they called the police and the next day police discovered her dead body.

At the crime scene, Farrow had left a fingerprint on the door handle, his blood, and numerous DNA samples for evidence.

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Christopher Farrow Murdered The Mother Of Two Kids

As a sadistic killer murdered Wendy Speakes disturbingly, it is natural that Wendy receives a dedicated Wikipedia page soon as a tribute to her life.

Christopher Farrow, 61, got a life sentence in prison in 2000 for the 1994 murder of Wendy Speakes at her Wakefield home.

Farrow’s case, which was supposed to be heard on Friday at HMP Whatton in Nottinghamshire, was postponed to allow for “further information to be received.”

The investigation team started testing thousands of people’s DNA to find out the killer of Wendy. 

In 2020 police arrested Farrow when his fingerprints from a drunk-driving conviction in 1996 matched the Wendy’s case. 

Further, his DNA matched the blood discovered at the crime scene.

Christopher Farrow
Christopher Farrow got a life sentence in 2000. (Source: The Sun)

Millington-Jones said in an interview, that if Farrow gets out of prison the “local community would be living in terror.”

Four years later, in 2000, he got detention in connection with Wendy’s death, but Farrow initially denied murder.

When all the evidence went against him, he confessed that he had a “bad day,” that motivated him to commit the crime.

Farrow’s initial 2018 parole hearing suggested transferring into an open prison in preparation for possible release.

However, people did not want him to be free soon as he might commit similar crimes again.

Therefore, citizens went against the decision, and finally, in 2020, the court declared him unfit for parole.

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